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 Antalia, [x] elf || female
Art credits go to the very talented Orgasm Prince. Seriously their chibis are so cute. Love it! Also they have some NSFW on their page. So you've been warned!

What she looks like not chibi'd! Created by the talented Max
Antalia is described by most as being charismatic, sociable, and like a bright light whenever she enters a room. She is quick to bring smiles to everyone's face and gives off a vibe that makes her well liked by those she has met during her travels. She is very restless and rarely ever stays in one place for more than a couple of months before packing up and moving on.
Antalia has always had an affinity for light magic, with her main focus being on healing enchantments. Though she also is able to create small light barriers but to do so would take a large amount of her magical powers. As far as offensive enchantments, her knowledge is limited, the only thing she can really do is boost someone's movement and only then is it very minor.

She took her skills and began to use them to enchant items, jewelry mostly that she has learned to craft over her life span. She has then taken the jewelry and sold it throughout the realms.

She also has one bracelet that is connected the her left arm that hold some of her magic so that when she is enchanting items she doesn't become completely drained and vulnerable.


talia, tali

early twenties based on looks

ninety-seven in reality

female (she/her)



heartwoodian elf


five foot three inches

alliance unknown

Credits to the awesome avatar goes to the talented Rainy
user posted image
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