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» Poppy, [x] Faun || Female
Name: Poppy

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Race: Faun

Alignment: Light

Appearance: Standing at a tiny 4ft 2, Poppy has warm russet skin, dark brown, fine-furred goat legs with a small upright fluffy tail, and wavy black hair cropped into a lopsided pixie cut. Her body shape is pear; she has shapely hips and a small bust. Her horns are 5cm in length, and curve slightly back to a point. As far as facial features go, Poppy has large green eyes, a long nose that is slightly flat like that of an animal, and a wide smile that lights up her whole face.

Personality: Easy going and carefree, Poppy makes for amicable company. Prone to lightening up the mood with song and dance, she can usually bring a smile to the most glum face, and displays a keen sense of empathy and kindness to those around her, meaning that she finds friends easily and can sometimes even charm her way out of negative situations.

Skills/Abilities: Poppy is a talented bard, skilled in singing, dancing, and the playing of several instruments, stringed, wind, and percussion. Through her music, she can perform magic; she can encourage plants to grow and heal them, she can briefly charm people with her songs if she so chooses, or she can call small creatures to her side. As well as singing and playing instruments, she uses her hooves to do a manner of tap dancing where a hard floor is also available to create the sound.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Perhaps rather too fond of merrymaking and good food and drink.


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Thanks to SpiritSai for her beautiful art!
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