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 Tamanna, [x] tca'ier || female
Name: Tamanna

Age: Fledgling

Gender: Female

Race: Tca'ier

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: Tamanna is as slender of build as the typical tca'ier, her long, slender legs affixed to her lithe body giving her a gangly look. Two pairs of long, slender, membranous wings, the second pair smaller than the first, grow from her shoulders and back. Her long, slender tail has two branching extensions growing out from the main part, roughly two-thirds from her tail base. These extensions are joined to the tail by a translucent membrane. Her razor-edged scales are predominantly white and mottled light-grey, with hints of bright gold and red beginning to show. Her eyes, set within a long, narrow head affixed to a long, sinuous neck, are a brilliant sky-blue shade.

Personality: Quick-minded and alert, Tamanna is filled with a deep thirst for knowledge, and constantly seeks to learn new things, using all of her senses to as full an extent as possible. Her hatchling years were spent in a hidden, subterranean cavern, leaving her with poorly-developed social skills. Where other tca'ier might be content to simply observe others quietly when confronted with something new, with only the occasional query, Tamanna tends to be much more willing to constantly ask questions, often unwittingly invading others' personal space in the process as she endeavors to get a closer look at what they're doing. While for the present she is perfectly content to explore the Realms, she knows that, one day, she will join the rest of her kind in the Realm Spheres, and explore many new environs. She occasionally dreams about this.

Skills/Abilities: Due to her young age, her primary defenses are her sharp scales, claws, and teeth. her bite is capable of delivering a nasty venom that briefly turns a victim's own reiatsu against them, causing their powers to fail or backfire, and briefly disorient them, hopefully long enough for her to escape. She is capable of flying fairly well.

She is a novice Dreamthief, though she has only the barest grasp of this, and a latent Spirit-Walker, though she has yet to discover this about herself. She has also begun to harness the power to draw energy from the light of suns, moons, and stars.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Young as she is, she is still very naive about the Realms and their people, as much due to her youth as to her secluded hatchling years. Her curiosity tends to overwhelm any feelings of instinctive unease she might feel when confronted with dangerous creatures. Her long, gangly legs can render her rather clumsy if she is caught by surprise and forced into quick action.

History: Tamanna's egg was left to fall to Xaeri, according to tca'ier custom, where it came to rest in a secluded cavern. The long, hard fall left her unscathed, and she hatched shortly after, swiftly learning to hunt the small rodents and fish that she shared the cavern with. Although she rather swiftly learned all she could about the cavern and its denizens, she remained there until she knew she was more capable of looking after herself out in the open.

In the days immediately following her emergence from the cavern where she was hatched, she learned many new things, but two that stood out the most in her young mind was her first taste of fresh fruit, and how much it stung to get whacked with a wooden staff by an angry farmer. Now, she has begun to further explore the Realms, learning everything she can.
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