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 Rhannoc, [x] circadian || male
Name: Rhannoc

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Circadian; Luminarian

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Rhannoc, like the rest of his kind, is a long, slender dragon with short legs. His tail is abnormally long and slender, and ends in a plush tuft of fur. His scales are a pearlescent shade, and often glint with various bright colors when the light hits them. Two short wings extend from his shoulders, and a smaller pair adorns his hips. Bright, sky-blue gems adorn his forehead, spine, shoulders, and hips. A gleaming blue crown adorns his head, and his eyes frequently change color at random. His long, rabbit-like ears droop, but are still highly expressive. His entire body shines with its own light.

In his rarely-used humanoid form, he looks to be a slender, pale-skinned man, dressed in sky-blue robes.

Personality: Rhannoc is utterly mad, prone to periods of manic activity, and almost demented paranoia, utterly devoted to art in a plethora of forms. He is nearly constantly working on some work of art or another, using any surface available to him, whether it be the ground, walls, ceilings, floors, water, the very air itself, or even passing people. He cannot grasp why such behavior might be considered unwanted. His art tends to reflect his mood.

Skills/Abilities: His greatest ability is to paint things into existence. He can conjure paint from his tail-tip, and use his tail like a large brush. Creatures he paints can be awakened, and fight on his behalf if he is threatened. He can also paint shields and other barriers to block or deflect magic or other ranges attacks.

Like all his kind, he is also a swift, agile flyer, capable of rendering himself invisible. His perception of the world around him is enormously refined, to the point where he can make expert use of portals to defend himself and evade attacks.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His utter insanity can interfere with his interactions with others, and his habit of using people as art makes it hard for him to get along with them. His extreme focus on art can occasionally leave him unaware of his surroundings as he goes off on a tangent, muttering to himself and pacing around. His insanity also makes it hard for him to fully take care of himself. When engrossed in thought, he becomes easily startled by sudden noises, movements, or objects he failed to notice before.

History: This mad artist was hatched an Auroran, and loved nothing so much as painting the sun. However, his life changed forever when he began to want to paint the sun, moon, and stars, altogether. He went Moon-Man many times as he pushed himself to remain awake in the hours of night, until one night Lyfe blessed him, and made him a Luminarian. Since then, he has given himself over entirely to painting non-stop.
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