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» Kuikuu, [x] kirin || female
Name: Kuikuu

Age: Young adult

Gender: Female

Race: Kirin

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: In her natural form, Kuikuu looks to be a fairly typical young kirin, though rather more slender than average. Deep violet scales cover her shoulders, back, and thighs, and thick, leathery, dark blue hide covers the rest of her body, down to her hooves. Her mane and tail tuft are a deep, purple-black shade. In stark contrast, her eyes are a gleaming yellow shade. Her hooves and horn are a dark steel shade.

However, she spends the majority of her time in the form of a young demoness with pale skin and dark hair, though her eyes remain the same yellow shade. This form is slender but athletic, and she tends to wear loose-fitting outer clothes over tighter fitting clothing, or, on occasion, the typical garb of a Famine Kingdom ninja. She tends to wear a cloak disguised to look like a kirin hide, and often adorns herself with scented oils to mask her true scent.

Personality: Quietly mischievous would be a good way to describe Kuikuu, and given to audacious plans. Born a part of a species that live lives filled with constant danger, she is by necessity equal parts brave, cunning, and cautious, though in her youth she tends to be a bit reckless at times, as she believes she shouldn't let threat of danger prevent her from enjoying her life. She enjoys dancing, making good use of her natural agility and steady feet.

Skills/Abilities: Fast and athletic, Kuikuu can outrun or outmaneuver almost any creature. She tends to utilize powerful kicks in her demon form, and, in the guise of a ninja, she has learned many ninja techniques and weapons. Her magical abilities are quite potent, and she can bend metal to her will, though she lacks great finesse with this ability. She can bend space in close proximity to her body to an extent, and uses this ability to compliment her natural agility. Lastly, she is a seer, able to meditate and seek out visions of the future.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She is perhaps overly confident in her abilities when it comes to keeping her true nature a secret. Bending space is especially draining for her, so she can't rely too much on that technique. Her natural kirin scent remains, albeit faintly, when she takes the form of a demon, forcing her to rely on scented oils and frequent bathing to mask it, as well as a cloak enchanted to look like a kirin hide. She also has to be especially wary when it comes to anything that might force her to return to her true form, or reveal her true nature, in front of the demons she has taken to living among.

History: Born deep within the Bloodsoul Range, Kuikuu spent her early years with her mother and her two sisters, always on the move, and always learning tricks and other methods to survive in Kurai's hostile wilderness, and most importantly, how to avoid hellwolves and their demon masters.

However, Kuikuu, once she learned how to fully control her shifting gene, put a daring plan into action. She took the form of a young N'vaen demoness, and conned her way into Famine Fortress itself, passing herself off as a would-be ninja from the furthest reaches of Famine territory. She has spent the past few years keeping up her charade, always being careful to maintain her disguise.
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