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» Fiera, [x] d'jini || female
Name: Fiera

Gender: Female

Species: D'jini/Cloudcat


Even among females, Fiera is not particularly large for a cloudcat; around four feet at the shoulder and a sleek twelve feet in length, she is capable of carrying little more than a child upon her back. This fragile impression is echoed in her limbs and delicate face, making her seem younger than she is to her own kind and a rare kind of beautiful, graceful creature to those unfamiliar with the charms of her race. Fiera, however, is only aware of this insofar as it inspires others to act with overwhelming kindness toward her. She is often frustrated by their compliments and will react harshly, changing from her usual state of a soft, violet-tinged blue to an ugly grey-red in moments.

The cloudcat's mane is also something of an anomaly, spilling from the crest of her head in thick curls and continuing down her neck into a ruff around her shoulders. Her horns jut from this fluffy mass like narrow spikes just above her ears, and are decorated with strings of crystals. Fiera has a love of the shiny, precious objects and wears several bracelets of quartz, emerald, and sapphire cut into marble-sized beads around every paw.


Fiera's natural state is flying; even close to the ground, the cloudcat will hover, and is fully capable of dozing while aloft. She is incredibly maneuverable and quick, preferring to hunt skilled prey, and knows little to nothing of physical combat.

Magically, however, the cloudcat is a terror in the skies. While all of her kind have an affinity for clouds, drawing them out of moisture in the air and building landscapes of mist, ice, and occasionally rain, Fiera likes to play with the static of her clouds, holding them back from releasing their payloads in order to generate lightning. Sometimes this is in jest, being little more than an irritating zap to whoever is the target of her fun; but when she is in a terrible rage, Fiera will build a tower of cumulonimbus, whipping it into such a fury that dangerous bolts of lightning issue forth. She has limited control over these strikes depending on how she agitates her creation, but the blasts can be random and lethal.

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