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» Albinius, [x] dragon || male
Name: Albinius

Age: Adolescent

Gender: Male

Race: Western Dragon

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: Albinius is , for the most part, a fairly typical example of a western dragon, if a bit on the smaller side, with four legs, two wings, and a long neck and tail. Six slender white horns adorn his head, running from just behind his short, pointed ears to the crown of his head, and his slender body is covered in pale, ivory-colored scales. But there are a few distinct things about him that stand out. His left wing is a bit twisted, and can neither open or fold completely. His left hind leg is slightly shriveled in appearance, and gives him a distinct limp. A deep scar marks his left hip. His eyes are a pale blue shade. His slender tail is long and whip-like.

Personality: Despite of, or perhaps because of, his injuries, Albinius refuses to even consider letting his condition hinder him from living. This determination let hm not only strengthen his bad leg enough to walk on, he also forced himself to learn how to fly with a bad wing. He harbors a general dislike of humanoids in general due to his condition, and strongly desires to become a knight in service to Vystriana, like his father, Aurelius, Knight Leader of the Order of the Talon, and his slain mother.

Skills/Abilities: He is a powerful psion, specializing in telekinesis, and has begun to show sign of being able to be both a dreamsage and spiritwalker. He can form protective barriers, and has begun to learn how to catch projectiles and hurl them back at their original owners. His determination is also a great asset to him. He has also showed some signs of being a seer.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His maimed wing makes flight difficult, and taxing, leaving him unable to fly for very long before he must stop and rest. His crippled leg is likewise much weakened, and leaves him unable to run, or even walk for any length of time without having to hold it off the ground and limp along on three legs. He lacks finesse with his psionic abilities, and he tends to tire quickly. He is at a distinct disadvantage in physical confrontations, as he simply lacks the reflexes and stamina to keep up with others.

History: Maimed before hatching when the Faction attacked Albronel when a soldier thrust a spear into his egg, Albinius spent the first few years of his life going from Realm to Realm, at first struggling to move around on his own, before forcing himself to overcome his injuries, as much as he could. Now, having just recently reached adolescence, his desire to become a knight has grown even more. To that end, he plans to join the fight against the Faction of Hope.
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