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» Accipiter, [x] weredragon/qilin || female
Name: Accipiter (Axi)

Gender: Female

Species: Weredragon/Qilin

Age: 49 years old, Adolescent

Appearance, humanoid: Pale skin and shimmering Electric blue Eyes with cat-like pupils. Slightly pointy canines. As the moon Changes scales appear in a silver colour and deer-like horns appear close to her temples and teeth becomes fangs. Same flowing hair as in draconic form

Appearance, draconic: Bipedal, slender figure with deer-like horns but very pointy, Sharp fangs and piercing Eyes. Pale scales and a sleek shimmering body. Smaller body than other Weredragons but bigger than Qilin with big wings capable of flight. Big flowy mane and a long whip-tail.
Like a gigantic Qilin with fully scaled body and big wings and claws instead of hooves.

Breath Weapon: Cold flames (Ice)
Uncontrollable Cryomancy

1.7 Meters tall Humanoid (5.5 feet)
2.8 Metres tall Draconic (9.2 feet)
90 Kg Humanoid (200 Pounds)
270 Kg Draconic (600 Pounds)
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