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» Aamir, [x] sol'tera || male
Name: Aamir

Gender: Male

Species: Sol'tera/demon hybird


Standing at six feet in height, Aamir is a dark-skinned, light-haired youth not all that different from other desert men his age, at least at first glance. He is usually shirtless, with a vest sometimes thrown over his chest for propriety's sake; this leaves his tattoos bare to the eye. They are black, as is sol'tera fashion, and depict runelike patterns over his abdomen, shoulders, arms and hands. He often wears loose white pants, belted at the waist and gathered in at the ankles, and prefers to be barefoot over the comfort of slippers or boots.

Though wealth is not something often associated with the nomadic rogues that roam the desert, Aamir likes to adorn himself with gold: bracelets, armlets, anklets and a heavy, shining necklace contrast the nut-brown tones of his skin, and bring out the golden-blue split of his bicolored eyes. For this alone, many rogues would laugh and call Aamir a vain fool, but their tongues are often stymied by the devil's horns that curve out and around his brow, as well as the slender, prehensile tail with a puff at its end like a lion's.


No one knows the nature of Aamir's demonic heritage, not even Aamir himself - his mother, who died when he was yet still a child, never told him. But the distaste of the sol'tera for creatures associated with darkness has led him to grapple with a certain fear of himself, as if a monster, unseen and unknown, dwells silently within his heart. To his knowledge, that monster has never manifested itself.

Instead, Aamir's grasp of comparatively mundane skills makes him a more formidable enemy than his mysterious demon side ever could. He is an accomplished horseman, with his favorite mount being a spirited stallion named Bal, and befriends other animals easily; a violet feylizard called Meek took a liking to him in his childhood, and is usually found on him or buried in his things. He is an amateur swordsman with the scimitar and master trickster, often overcoming his opponents through wit rather than risking his neck for "honor." He steals as easily as he breathes and likes to give away precious things as quickly as they come into his possession. This has made him the enemy of more than one livid husband who discovers their goods in the vaults of beautiful women with naught but the description of a handsome nomad to go off of.

Aamir is also something of a natural leader. He enjoys rallying others to his passions, and has gathered around him a cabal of young men he cheerfully named the "Sand Devils." The Sand Devils operate as a loose cavalry, with varying degrees of skilled warriors among them, and have an intimate familiarity with the desert that often leaves their enemies flatfooted in direct conflict. This means that their tactics tend to be largely hit-and-run or pincer effects under the cover of the night, but Aamir is unbothered by this limitation. If anything, he sees it as doubly effective at keeping his men safe from Ristell law and the Faction alike.

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