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» Silvertongue, [x] ansar || male
Name: Silvertongue

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Ansar

Alignment: Light

Appearance: In many ways, Silvertongue closely resembles a true sarka, if a little under average size, with a long, narrow, sharp-featured head, massive claws, long, wickedly barbed, whip-like tail, eyes lacking in pupils, and nigh-unbreakable, bat-like wings. However, there the resemblance ends. Silvertongue's black scales glitter brightly under the sun, and several pearlescent markings adorn his body, standing in stark contrast to the ebony scales covering most of his body. The scales around his eyes, on his forepaws, shoulders, belly, and hindquarters are all a gleaming mother of pearl color, as are his claws and tail-barb. His translucent wing membranes are a gleaming silver shade. Perhaps most strikingly of all, his tongue is a bright silver shade.

Personality: Silvertongue got his name from his voice and tendency to be a charming talker as much as he got it from his actual tongue color. Generally cheerful and upbeat, he tends to sing whenever the situation is appropriate for it, which, as far as he's concerned, is almost every waking moment. He's been known to literally drop in on strangers and sing to them, before flying off. While these songs are most often meaningful but wordless vocalizations, he loves learning actual songs as well.

Skills/Abilities: His voice is his greatest power. With it, he can influence emotions, usually towards the more positive spectrum, and heal wounds, whether mental, physical, or injuries of the very soul although healing physical wounds is time and energy consuming, and soul healing even moreso. He also tends to talk things through instead of engaging in violent confrontations, although his claws, teeth, and tail-barb are potent weapons. The venom in his tail barb is paralytic, and causes the muscles of its victims to lock up until the venom is purged from their bodies, which can take a couple of hours or the better part of a day.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His power is mostly of no use against truly mindless creatures, or those who can't hear. His eccentric behavior can likewise cause unintentional problems. Aside from his voice, he has no magic to speak of. He has little experience dealing with other species, and tends to underestimate his strength compared to them.

History: Much of Silvertongue's life has been spent wandering, and learning what songs he can. While most of his life has been spent on Evylon, he has recently begun to explore other Realms, and learn what he can about them and their people, while typically trying to stay out of the great and terrible events sweeping across those Realms.
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