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» Lightshatter vo Lucian, [x] mythkin || male
Name: Lightshatter vo Lucian

Gender: Male

Species: Mythkin



In many ways, Lucian is not all that different from other members of his kind; he is tall, topping out around six feet, with the lean, athletic body of an experienced killer, and is frequently seen working in his private smithy with a variety of exotic metals. His hair is a distinct sea-green, left to grow just long enough to tie back from his face, as are his eyes and, less seen, the tribal tattoos that spiral down both arms in a series of jagged loops and whorls. These tattoos culminate into a giant dragonfly, whose wings span both shoulders; when he works shirtless by the forge, the mixture of sweat and heat often give the illusion that the dragonfly is moving, perched on his back as if alive.

When not busy with the smithy, Lucian takes care to cover up the markings that would otherwise confirm his race, though the citizens of Covahold politely look away where his expert metalwork is concerned. He never hunts near the city and refuses any kind of payment in jaden, preferring instead samples of metal mined from the hills or salvage from wrecked ships. In exchange, he creates most of Covahold's mundane necessities. The result his that his home is often littered with curio objects whose function is often undiscernible, if interesting to look at.


Lucian's bear form closely resembles a grizzly, rising to ten feet on his hind legs and weighing nearly thirteen hundred pounds. At this size, he poses a threat to all but fully grown dragons, and is capable of reducing a brick wall to powder in a single blow. His fur is a silvery-green, darkening almost to black on his pawpads, though the markings from his tattoo are hidden beneath the thick, fluffy pelt.


Though considerably smaller, Lucian's second form is well adapted to the northern climes, with huge paws that easily lift him out of snow drifts as well as mask terrifying hooked claws. His markings also translate easier to this shape, with darker green whorls and tribal patterns flowing over his back and short tail before fading into the lighter fur of his belly. He prefers this form when hunting, for it is less obvious and far easier to move than as a lumbering bear, and will often sneak up on prey and change only at the last moment before a kill.


"Born" of the Lightshatter clan, Lucian had the pleasure of being a skilled metalworker, but has since moved away from the warrior-caste of his youth. He is drawn to the ocean, and so set up a blacksmith forge at the foot of the massive cliff upon which Covahold sits. The arrangement suits him nicely; when he feels lonely, he wanders up into the city, taking orders and generally soaking up the social atmosphere of the small fishing town. Most of the time, however, he lives like a hermit, and can be quite unpleasant to any visiting him unexpectedly at his home.

Once every two weeks, Lucian locks up his smithy and heads north. The trip is compulsory and few in Covahold are unaware of its purpose; the needs of the mythkin are often spoken of as warning stories around a hearthfire. Whenever he returns, Lucian is in a noticeably brighter mood, and his best creations will surface around this time. Conversely, at the end of a two-week stint, Lucian's mood will worsen and the likelihood of a brawl increases dramatically. Many at Covahold have learned to avoid him when he happens to get this way unless absolutely necessary, as it is not unheard of for him to chase out customers while throwing various bits of heavy metal objects at their heels.


Instructed in weaponry since he was capable of wielding one, Lucian is proficient in most forms of combat, though he has gotten considerably rusty in all but heavy swordplay. He practices daily with his favorite sword, a claymore he forged himself and named Vazka. The blade is four and a half feet long with a broad, flat blade, and would require all the strength and willpower of a human man to bear with both hands; Lucian does so with one, often switching left to right in an effort to keep both sides of his body trim and fit.

The mythkin also possesses all of the normal traits of his kind, with speed, endurance, and enhanced senses comparable to an elf. His affinity for metal has not yet reached the ability to animate it, though he can sense any flaws or weakness in a make and, in the case of alloys, rend them apart if necessary. This sensitive touch also contributes to his reputation as a master craftsman, and allows him to recognize other skilled men in turn as opposed to fakers and charlatans.

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