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 Freydis Rosetender, [x] Kitsune || Female
Name: Freydis Rosetender

Gender: Female

Species: Kitsune

Age: 3430

Appearance: 5'10"/Fair and curved build/refined posture

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Personality: Ladylike, majestic, polite/ curious, talkative, adventurous/ stubborn, yet empathetic

Abilities: Controls the Earth Element which supplements her illusions with natural beauty, animals, and geographical structures such as cave openings.

Background: Freydis was born with four tails due to the aptitude with magic her doting parents had. Certainly, her parents were quite proud to have a Four-tailed infant, and this gave cause for them to treat her extremely well - perhaps a little too well. Freydis grew up fairly naive towards the way things went in the world. Despite this, she was very empathetic towards others, and always tried to see the good in those around her - no matter how evil or untrue they might have seemed. She often went off to explore as a child - getting in trouble as she would find herself in sticky situations that required her watchful parents to save her. Freydis' curiosity and wanderlust was often a hassle, but it was impossible to try and make her grow out of it.

Freydis loved life and the beauty it provided to everything around her. As she grew up, Freydis took an interest in Earth Magic as she had found it was capable of producing beauty that could protect itself from those who would see it destroyed for any number of selfish, greedy reasons. Be it through the collective conjoining of vines and roots or assisting the growth of gardens, Freydis quickly became interested in the preservation of life because - having created her own beautiful natural projects - she never wanted to see others with dark or twisted desires to destroy the natural beauty of her world because she felt that everyone deserved to be able to live in a wonderfully beautiful and alive world.

It had been many centuries since Freydis' personal journey around Millirand to help nature grow and thrive when she came upon a most life-changing situation. The kitsune had wandered into an area of breathtaking beauty and wonder she had never come across before. It was a large, open plain - plentiful maple trees and other thriving greenery - that had always passed Freydis' notice before then. For some odd reason, Freydis felt drawn to this place, and a prickling at the back of her neck gave her cause to explore this area further. Explore she did, and with each step, her sense of wonder and awe grew as, the further she went, the more beautiful and mystical the place felt. She didn't think it was particularly significant to anyone, but, all the same, it was beautiful to her, and it became significant in its own right.

As she continued to walk and explore, Freydis happened upon a most peculiar sight: It was a tiny bush with a single flower on it. However, the kitsune's eyes went wide as, with a sudden sense of realization, the flower upon this bush was not just any flower.

It was a red rose.

As far as Freydis knew, one could never find roses in the wild anymore. Many years of collection by greedy nobles or business men had rendered wild roses all but extinct. This magnificent discovery sent Freydis into a fit of awe-inspired tears. For her, one who had so longed to find a sign that what she was doing was appreciated, this rose was the culmination of her purpose.

Freydis resolved, then and there, that she would do everything she could to preserve this rose - for it had become a symbol to her. The rose represented the life upon Millirand, and Freydis felt that if she could protect this rose, and see the single bud become many bushes, then she had been successful in her dream - if only a little. It was her drive - her passion. She wasn't sure what she could do, but she would try.

Picture is the character Societte from the game Granblue Fantasy

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