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» Veraciel, [x] kitsune || male
Name: Veraciel

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsune

Hair/Fur Colour: White

Eye Colour: Pale blue

Starball: Pale blue, set in a piercing on Veraciel's tongue.

True Form: Veraciel's fur is quite distinctive, being quite a fair bit curlier than most of his peers. It gives him the impression of being larger than he actually is, which is fluff-aside, slightly under 4ft. He currently possesses three tails and is on the cusp of obtaining a fourth (he thinks so, at least)

Secondary Form: As a humanoid Veraciel appears to resemble an average human from the far North, though he tends to wear his shoulder-length hair freely. He also has no particular preference between the different armor types, and will change his clothing to match whatever are the current trends.

Image Reference: Ymir drawn by Ddbang, from Devil Maker Tokyo

Combat Abilities:
  • Illusion Magic | Unable to reach the levels of all-encompassing realism that some of his same-species peers are gifted with, Veraciel's mastery instead comes in the form of his illusions' longevity and sheer scale. Depending on the level of detail involved he can cast and maintain an illusion of up to 50 cubic feet. He typically augments his illusions by manipulating the air around them.
  • Air Magic | Veraciel's affinity allows him to manipulate the density of or otherwise warp the air around him. Typical uses include brute compression into shields to block incoming attacks and gusts to knock the unwary off their feet. A more subtle application he has had to favor of late is a more calculated compression in order to refract light and therefore alter the sights of others.
  • Martial Weapons | While not being the sharpest arrow in the quiver, Veraciel does know his way around
  • Fear of heights | Be it two feet or four, Veraciel would like to keep them all firmly on the ground.
  • Mumbled speech | In part due to his piercing, and exacerbated by his desire to not let anyone see it, Veraciel mumbles a lot and can be difficult to understand. He compensates with a lot of literal hand waving.

History & Personality
Veraciel had enlisted in Vystria's military as a joke. Fighting enemies of the state, in a group! For a previously solitary kitsune, the prospect had been intriguing. It was also a bit of a joke that he'd actually been accepted while masquerading as a human, probably helped along by the fact that he'd snuck in and spiced up the meal of the officer in charge of recruitment. Breezing past the lessons in magecraft, he had just barely scrapped past the rigorous training.

When the news of the Faction of Hope begun to spread, Veraciel's interest was immediately piqued. Puny mortal humanoids against their draconic leaders? Really, what a joke. Confident in his own ability to exit the fields of war relatively unscathed, Veraciel defected alongside his other humanoid knights.

Now, well it turns out that he'd gone and played himself -- the joke was on him now, with how deeply invested into the fate of the mortal humanoids he was. Truth be told he hadn't felt personnaly oppressed by the monarchy, but he really doesn't want to see those around him die.
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