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 Tirrao, [x] dragon || male
Name: Tirrao

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon; Wyvern

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A rather large, red-scaled wyvern with a pale, off-white underbelly, and two long, forward-curving horns growing from her head. Her scales are thick and hard as steel, and her hide beneath the scales is thick and tough. Her fiery eyes are nestled within armored orbits. Her talons, horns, wing-membranes, and the tips of her scales are all the color of obsidian. Her long, thick, muscular tail ends in an ax-like club, with sharp ridges running along the sides.

Personality: In battle, Tirrao is a highly aggressive, taking full advantage of her size and strength, and thick hid and scales, to tear into her foes, often landing on top of or in the midst of them and simply whirling around, lashing out with her tail and snapping with her jaws in a wild frenzy.

Outside of battle, she tends to be rather blunt and a bit lazy, unafraid to share her feelings. She tends to outright ignore personal space and is often rather physical in her affections, to the point where she tends to knock people she cares about right off their feet.

Skills/Abilities: A strong flyer, and savage fighter, her hide and scales are thick and tough enough to allow her to take many blows without suffering any injuries. Her ax-like tail can chop most humanoids in half with a single blow, and those who have armor tough enough to prevent that are often killed regardless due to the powerful impact.

She is skilled with fire and lightning magics, often using both in conjunction before closing to engage her enemies up close and personally. Added benefits from her elemental skills provide her with added defenses. She is immune to fire and lightning, and her fire aptitude burns all toxins, poisons, diseases, and corruption from her body. Her lightning aptitude shields her from mental influence, as she will instinctively send a small shock to her own brain if she comes under any mental influence or control, jolting herself back to her senses.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her aggressive nature often leads her to fight when light would be the smarter course of action. Aside from her elemental affiliations, she has no significant magic defenses. While she is effectively immune to poisons, toxins, and the like, she will still suffer from and normal injury such attacks might inflict. The mind-clearing jolts she can send to her brain often leave her briefly dazed and disoriented.

History: Hatched under Jaghal's vigilant care, and raised by him with a stern hand, Tirrao was raised as a warrior, and instructed in the ways of the Black Knights. Despite his strict, often harsh discipline, she formed a strong bond with Jaghal, although the two don't share a true dragonrider's bond. She has joined him in many battles, and often joins him during his hunt for potential new Knights.
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