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 Jaghal, [x] orc/weredragon || male
Name: Jaghal

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Orc/Weredragon

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: In his humanoid form, he is tall, powerful of build, and graceful of movement. His skin is a pale grey shade, and his features, though not as brutish as pure-blooded orcs, are still rough, and rather prominent. His eyebrows are thick, and dark grey, while he keeps the rest of his head shaved. He tends to wear darksteel armor over a white tunic and grey trousers. His most striking feature is his eyes, which are often filled with a wild gleam in their green depths.

His draconic form is that of a grey-scaled wyvern. These scales are ridged and end in sharp points, and are very thick and strong. His muscular, whip-like tail ends in a sharp blade. His claws are thick and sharp. His armor is specially enchanted to shift with him when he shifts forms.

Personality: Boisterous, often impatient, and wild but honorable, Jaghal tempers his instinctive savagery with iron discipline. While he little regard for those who are not warriors, he finds hurting such helpless creatures to be abhorrent, and won't hesitate to fight for them, even if he might very well turn around and berate the for being so weak once they are safe. His loyalty to those who fight beside him is unshakeable, and his vengeance against those who betray that trust is unstoppable.

Skills/Abilities: His orcish and weredragon lineage together makes him an immensely dangerous fighter. His strength, speed, agility, and endurance are all far above normal, and his great size allows him to often easily overpower his foes with his aggressive fighting style. He wields a longsword and a flail in accord, and tends to let his armor and natural resilience serve as his only defense, forgoing blocking or deflecting an incoming blow in favor of delivering his own attacks. This aggressive behavior only increases when he shifts to a draconic form.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Like all weredragons, he is weak to pure metals, although he wears an enchanted amulet to ensure said metals aren't lethal to him. He lacks magic of any kind, as well as any innate defense against magic, aside from his natural resilience, and iron will. Like all his kind, he has a tendency to fall into a berserk rage, attacking without regard to his own safety, and potentially dangerous to friend as well as foe.

History: In his youth, he was as bloodthirsty and violent as a typical orc, uncaring about the death and destruction he and his kind left behind. However, over time, he became increasingly questioning of the idea of indiscriminate slaughter, seeing no honor or glory in killing the helpless. This questioning eventually led him to wander the Realms, where he encountered the Black Knights of Leartes. Seeing in them a worthy purpose for his life, and the chance to better himself, he joined their cause.

It was some time after this that he found a dragon egg after a fight against some snakekind out hunting dragons. Too late to save the mother, he took the egg and raised the hatchling wyvern himself, naming her Tirrao and training her to be a warrior. Now, the two often fly into battle together, whether it be both as wyverns, or as a rider and mount. Now, when not taking part in battle, the two often scour the Realms for potential candidates to join the Knights.
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