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 Thrall, [x] dragon/undead || male
Name: Thrall

Age: Adult (?)

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: Thrall is a massive, hideous creature, a misshapen collection of body parts taken from several dragons and combined into one ill-fitting shape. His head, or most of it, is covered with green thick, rough green scales and adorned with mismatched horns, two on the right side of his head, and three on the other. His right eye is a pale yellow color, while the left, which is a blue-grey shade, tends to droop and twitch at odd intervals. His lower jaw is covered in small grey scales, and doesn't quite fit with his upper jaw, resulting in jutting teeth and a permanent snarl. His neck is covered in the same thick, green scales as most of his head. His right shoulder and foreleg are covered in blue scales, with white stripes adorning his paw, claws, and elbow-spike. His left shoulder boasts two legs attached to it, with the larger, red-scaled limb positioned in front of the smaller, orange-scaled limb. The red limb is rough-scaled, and long, longer than the blue-scaled right foreleg, resulting in a slouched stance, and has dark purple highlights. The orange-scaled limb is somewhat smoother, and typically dangles, occasionally twitching and grasping at random. His back and flanks are a mix of red, blue, green, and orange scales, while three mismatched wings grow from his back. A large, leathery black wing extends from his left shoulder, with the membrane extending to his left hip, while a long, rather narrow, feather-lined wing extends from the right shoulder. A second wing, silvery in shade and lined with soft fur, sits just behind the feathery wing. His right hind leg is covered in grey, pebbled, leathery hide, while his left hind leg and tail are covered with sharp black scales. His left hind leg is noticeably thicker and shorter than the right hind leg, and his tail ends in a massive, heavy, dragging spiked ball.

Personality: Thrall's mind is made of the scattered, fragmented remains of the minds of the dragons comprising his body, resulting in a primitive, often befuddled mental state which can make him somewhat easy to manipulate. However, this primitive mindset is rather easily upset, and can become violent with little forewarning. At the same time, there is a rather naive curiosity about him.

Skills/Abilities: He has the capability to use several elements, namely fire, earth, water, lightning, and dark, with significant power. He is immensely durable, able to shrug off massive injuries as if they were nothing, and indeed feels very little pain from them. His body mends itself rapidly, as long as he has energy to heal, aided by his energy-draining aura. This draining effect is most prevalent through physical contact, and rather weak otherwise. He is incredibly strong, even for his size and species, and can move far faster than his great size and misshapen body would suggest. He has the potential to discover other powers he can manifest with his aura, but has only a vague grasp of this.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His primitive, incomplete mind leaves him at a disadvantage when it comes to forming complex plans, or comprehending complex thoughts or concepts. His magical abilities, though potent, lack finesse and fine control. His size and ungainly build means he is rather clumsy, and prone to losing his balance. His simple mind can also be bewildered or startled by sudden, bright flashes of light, and he can rather easily be lulled by soothing sounds, while angering him makes him loose most if not all reason.

History: Put together during an experiment to build a powerful, but fully subservient dragon slave, Thrall proved to be a partial success, but rather lacking due to his degraded mind, and unstable mental and emotional state. While he has an adult's body, or at least body parts, his patchwork brain failed to function as expected, leaving him an entirely new creature.
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