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» Hadvar Olavson, [x] human || male
Name: Hadvar Olavson

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Appearance: He is currently eight years old. He's probably.. around 3'10". A little small for his age, but when he gets older he'll fill out a little bit. Unfortunately, he's always going to be short, so he'll probably stop growing when he hits 5'6". Anyways, tiny Hadvar is an adorable shy bab. Other than that, he doesn't like talking much and has a tendency to hunch over when in plain sight. He's not a big fan of crowds, so he's often seen hiding in the shadow of his adopted mum dragon. He has bright golden hair that reaches his shoulders, often compared to the sun or freshly ripe cornstalks. His face is delicate, with regal features. He has a strong nose, high cheekbones, and a heart-shaped face. His eyes are an up-turned emerald green (often dubbed jewel-bright or gem-like) and framed with thickly lashed eyes. He's going to have an androgynous body when he gets older.

Abilities: Dragonrider! When he gets older, he will be extremely talented in throwing knives and daggers. As well as a little thief.

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