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» Jaddith, [x] western dragon || female
Name: Jaddith

Gender: Female

Species: Western Dragon

Appearance: The size of a four-story mansion, Jaddith has snow-white scales that glitter like crystals when in the sun. She's not a gem-drake, but her scales are often mistaken for crystals. This often results in a scathing lecture towards the one who thinks she's a gem-drake. Jaddith is very proud of her immaculate scales, so she often takes care of herself very well. Her eyes are a bright golden color, and Jaddith often compares them to liquid topaz/liquid gold.

Abilities: While she can control a very small amount of snow, ice, and frost, Jaddith is very gifted in the fire element. Is also Hadvar's dragon.

Inspiration A strange kind of fascination was aglow within Jaddith's liquid topaz eyes as she leaned down to peer curiously at the shivering, frightened human child. It was way below freezing, so this child should not have been there. Her heavy breath misted out in a fog of warmth, somewhat easing the violent shudders of the cold human babe. Due to Jaddith's absolutely humongous size, the child barely hit the height of her feet where the claws met. The harsh sunlight glinted off of her jewel-bright frosty white scales, almost giving Jaddith the appearance of a sparkling ice crystal. A soft rumble through her chest vibrated through her throat, while a comforting croon escaped the dragon as she leaned down to curl her neck around the side of the trembling child.

"Are you alone, human child?" she rumbled softly in an attempt to soothe him. The most fascinating color of emerald eyes widened in shock, while the little human stumbled backwards and nearly fell into the snow if it wasn't for Jaddith's long tail carefully curling around his legs to catch him. He probably didn't know that she could speak. For the first time in a long time, Jaddith ignored the agonizing loss of her former rider to stretch her emotions out and envelop the small being. ConfusionfrightgriefANGERwariness met Jaddith in a storm of confusing emotions, causing her to blink and visibly shake her head lightly in a dizzying manner.

Her scales sparkled in the light as she shifted, drawing the child's attention. It hadn't yet responded to her question, making her worry that the young human being could not speak or was actually ignoring Jaddith. "Child?" she crooned again, curling around the mere baby in an effort to warm up. Just because she had snow-white scales that glittered like crystals did not mean she could control snow, to Jaddith's consternation. Many other dragons and beings assumed that she could control the powers of winter. While she could control a faint amount of winter, her abilities and talents leaned towards the inferno of fury that was fire. Thus, she was practically a conduit and container for heat.

"I- I'm okay," the child murmured, quailing slightly against her scales. She snorted sparks of fire, the embers drifting down on the ground and slightly melting the snow beneath them. Disbelief rumbled through her at the child's admission.

"That is likely." Jaddith stated in a clearly amused manner. "You should be back with your family."

"Be back with my family?" he echoed faintly as gem-like eyes sparked with furylossgriefwistfulness at the implication. "More like they abandoned me to die."

The absolute pain that laced his voice speared Jaddith's heart in an ache that went along for the child. "What is your name, little one?" she murmured quietly.

The child's eyes jewel-bright eyes narrowed in suspicion as he stared up at the gem-like scaled dragon. "M-my name is H-Hadvar," his whisper was faint, but Jaddith's stone-encased heart warmed at his pained voice. "Hadvar O-Olavson." Shifting slightly against the ground, Jaddith could feel her wings rustle against her scales, idly twitching.

"My name is Jaddith," she introduced herself at last, her bright golden eyes warmunderstandingsympathetic. "How would you like to come with me to see the world?"

Greengreengreen eyes lit up with child-like enthusiasm. His hair was as golden as her eyes and the sun, wild and erratic as it hung around his shoulders. It made Jaddith briefly wonder how old the child was, but as she set to establishing the temporary, weak link into a solid one, she extended a wing and let the young one clamber onto her back with terrifying efficiency.

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