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» Gwyneth Nhywylli, [x] elf || female
Name: Gwyneth Nhywylli

Gender: Female

Species: Elf

Occupation: Lady of Rynorel

Appearance: Gwyneth is tall - standing at about 6 feet and 1 inch. Her figure is slender and womanly. She has long blonde hair tinged with green that flows down to her waist. She usually wears outfits colored in green with gold accents, but occasionally humors other color combinations on a whim. She enjoys lighter garb - preferring to stay quick on her feet. She isn't a very "frilly dress" girl, and prefers to wear more "strategically placed" equipment. Her bracers and boots are made from a lightweight metal tinted in green and gold to match the rest of her outfit.

Personality: Gwyneth is a kind person according to many people who interact with her. Much like her predecessor, Gwyneth knows that there is value in being kind to others - kindness given is kindness earned. Gwyneth does what she can to help her people, but she does her best to avoid making promises she's certain she can't keep even if it means letting someone down. Conversely, Gwyneth is fiercely protect of her people - especially those closest to her. She's a bit more open to using force to keep the peace, and understands that a balance between peace and force is necessary for a people to thrive - for what use is a gentle hand if it is not firm enough to deny those who would see the people of Rynorel harmed their chaos? Gwyneth believes in a "Big Stick" policy - be nice and diplomatic until threatened, then defend and fight fiercely to make one's foes think twice in the future.

Gwyneth enjoys practicing her combat abilities - though she also enjoys using her Singing Stones to make music for her people. The humming melodies her stones make can be quite beautiful and grand if skillfully used. She also enjoys exploring new places, though her new position makes it difficult - which upsets her.

Abilities: Gwyneth mixes magical skill with martial prowess - feeling it necessary to accept that one should not rely on one type of combat skill exclusively. Gwyneth carries a series of six identical crystals on her person. These crystals - known as "Singing Stones" float through the air and follow Gwyneth's flow of magic with her hands and thoughts. When she wills them to, the stones fly through the air at quick speeds - humming melodically as they do so - thus the name. These stones have two modes - Protect and Condemn. Protect mode sees these stones with a glowing white hue - ellipse in shape. Protect mode allows the stones to focus Gwyneth's magical energy into healing or recovery effects to assist allies. Condemn turns the stones red, and they shape into sharp rhombuses. Condemn mode allows the stones to focus Gwyneth's magical energy into harmful effects as simple as flinging the stones at the target, or, in a more complex turn, exploding the stones altogether to pepper foes with shards of cutting crystal.

Moving the crystals at all requires a fair amount of magical energy, and while Gwyneth has a fair endurance for an elf, she can not maintain direct control of the Stones' movements for more than twenty minutes in a given time. As a result, she requires being able to mix her magic and physical skill into a quick, deadly dance to end fights sooner rather than later. The longer she is in combat, the more rapid and apparent her exhaustion becomes.

To save energy so she can fight longer if necessary, Gwyneth is also a fairly capable close quarters hand to hand combatant. Using her hands and feet, Gwyneth can show agile prowess against foes. Her custom made boots and bracers hide small, sharp blades in them that can extend and retract with a simple mechanism that magically controls the blades. Mixing a mighty whirlwind of kicks and punches with somersaults and jumps for evasion, Gwyneth is a capable fighter.

Because she is not much of an archer or long-range magic user, Gwyneth's effective combat range is mostly Close to Medium range (the farther out she needs to send her stones, the more magical energy she uses). She is not very effective at extensive ranges - requiring those with long range capabilities to supplement her more close and personal style.

Gwyneth Picture by Hwansang - Character is Rena from the game Elsword.
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