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 Zelda, [x] shar || female
Name: Zelda

Gender: Female

Species: Shar


As far as the Shar go, humans are unremarkable races to bear their burdens. Yet Zelda would be hard-pressed to move normally even among their kind. Pale and luminescent as the moon, she has the uncanny knack for lingering in people's memory, even if they receive nothing more than a friendly smile in passing. This is due, in part, to her unusual mount - a unicorn - but does not take away from her extraordinary features.

Of average height and a slender, boyish build, Zelda lacks a single mark on her pale, cream-colored skin; not a scar, freckle, or tattoo breaks the illusion of a canvas. Her hair is cut short in a ragged bob with several strands of wooden beads and crystals braided into it, though she wears no other form of jewelry. Her face is heart shaped and accentuates her eyes; they are her most stunning feature, being a pale green limned in blue and filled with tiny golden flecks. Her lashes are also white, an uncommon feature that tends to make her look childish or somber depending on her expression.

She dresses without fear of attracting attention, preferring the white garments of the Shar. Beneath a cloak with a wide hood, Zelda wears white silk leggings, doeskin slippers laced up to the calf, and a tunic tucked in at the waist with a wide sash. This sash is the richest part of her clothing, being made of dyed silk braided together in a foot-wide band of dark blues and vivid, electric yellows. It is tied in an elaborate bow whose ends trail down to the backs of her knees when unimpeded. Long, comparatively dull gloves cover her hands from the tips of her fingers to her elbows, made of dyed white suede.


Zelda possesses, like all Shar, a devastating touch. Physical contact yields a powerful mental connection that allows her to overwhelm another being and trap their mind in the throes of a particular emotion. This sometimes violent curse is so strong that Zelda could command the being to take their lives, and they would have no choice, barring the influence of light or dark power. These alone can break the strength of a shar's attack.

In addition to this terrifying ability, Zelda is an accomplished magician, specializing in the healing arts. The white reiatsu she employs - a rare ability even among magic types - exudes calmness and clarity of mind, and often even the lightest touch will break minor illnesses like fever, dizziness, muscle pain, or minor poisons. When she commits herself, Zelda is capable of curing blindness, crippling or terminal diseases, and extreme bleeding or damage to the muscle and bone. Death, amputations, and, to her sorrow, permanent wounds to the mind are beyond her great skill, though she may prevent fatalities in all but the most dire of cases.


Zelda is a curious creature. A healer since birth, she has studied its arts since childhood, forgoing the usual militaristic training the shar are known for. With her obvious talent and a healthy need of healers, her community permitted the exception, and even gifted her with a lost Lyzzarkythian unicorn foal found during their periodic forays into the Realms. She was kind to the beast; the foal grew to health but suffered from an unknown illness that robbed it of its mental faculties, reducing the creature's abilities to communicate with anyone beyond rough physical cues.

What with her strange companion and natural isolation from her peers, Zelda grew into a quiet, reserved woman who was nevertheless attuned to the hurts of others. Many considered her destined for a life of solitude at the behest of the community, serving the female warriors injured in the rash of wars breaking out across the Realm. It came as a great surprise when Zelda declared her pilgrimage to visit the five Great Temples and win the gods favour. She swore an oath never to kill, and emphasized it with the cutting of her hair. That night she left her people, shocked into silence, and rode toward Alubria.

While her past would suggest a certain aloofness in her character, Zelda is, in truth, anything but. Once testing the full extent of her powers, the shar woman learned something she could never forget, and the knowledge plagued her with whispers of a fate far greater than that of being the local healer. She began to dream restless dreams of other Realms. Dark eyes stared at her from the abyss of the shadows. Zelda hungered for more than cleaning the work of others and ministering to their tears. She was seized with a desire, a fever, to accomplish the impossible.

But not without responsibility. The day she stood before her fellows, speaking vows she had rehearsed in her head a thousand times before, Zelda wove a safeguard into her own thoughts and actions. Never would she take a life, and risk her gift's corruption. For the Five, she would contribute more than any soldier ever could; she would fulfill the impossible she yearned to reach for. And in return...

In return, she would seek a gift given to no mortal yet before.

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