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» Jitto Solaris Nox, [x] avian || male
Name: Jitto Solaris Nox

Gender: Male

Flight: Can fly for a day solid before he needs rest.
Can enchant weapons
Can summon swords of light that while they do no damage to most they can pin people down for a few minutes.

Specie: Avian

Age: 70

Appearance: 6 foot tall, slightly tanned skin with pitch black hair and wings, he has various scars on his body from fights and the latest runs down his neck with some rudimentary stitching.

Backstory: Jitto is quite the adventuring type, partial to using a broadsword to defend himself the scars upon his body are tales along with his past he will rarely tell to anyone. He often finds himself in the same situations over and over again, defending some person or another from something, he hates being called a fallen angel which he is often referred to due to the fact his wings are black.
Jitto was brought up with his father as the main role model and his fathers swordsmanship was a prime example to Jitto as he grew up, his mother however was more the healing type and she had her own influence upon Jitto and both his parents influence are very much visible in what he shows he knows.

Item(s): His enchanted broadsword.
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