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 Natheniel Smith, [x] Human || Male
Name: Natheniel Smith

Nicknames: Nate

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Race: Human

Hair: Lightning blue with purple tips

Eyes: Black

Height: 6'2

Personality: Nate is a player, he loves hooking up with every woman he meets and is attracted to. He also loves having fun and throwing parties in his bar.

Powers/Strong Points: Parkour, martial arts, and sword fighting.

Weaknesses: Being a player makes it easy for Alinoa's enemies to target him, he's only trained in defensive martial arts and sword fighting, not offensive, as he doesn't believe in fighting unnecessarily.

Clothes: Sleeveless black shirt with blue slacks and black boots.

History: Natheniel grew up with his twin sister Alinoa with their parents, living above a bar that their parents owned. They had a great childhood and the entire family got along as a great family. But it all fell a part when his sister fell for a man in their parents bar when they were old enough to start working in it.

Alinoa was absolutely smitten, and Natheniel tried to tell her to stop seeing the guy, as he didn't trust him, unfortunately, Alinoa did not listen. One morning Natheniel woke up to his mother wailing inside Alinoa's room, with a note from Alinoa stating that she had run away with her wanton lover.

This of course angered Natheniel. His mother didn't pull herself together over the whole ordeal for six months, but when she did he was happy to have her back. Him, his mother, and father started to run the bar, and between the three of them they made the bar much more popular than it ever had been, bringing in customers of all species across all of Felnova.

Where is this infamous bar you ask? Albronel, Vystriana, Felnova.

Two years later however, there was a traumatizing moment of Natheniel's life. It was early morning after having closed up the bar and him and his parents had gone to bed. Not long after however, Natheniel woke to his room filled with smoke, and upon running into the hallway he ran into both his parents who told him to get out and get help while they tried to put the fire out.

That had turned out to be a bad idea, because while he was getting help, the building collapsed on his parents, killing them. He went for months without doing anything, renting out a small home using his inheritance, before he finally pulled himself out of his grieving stupor a year later, and he used his inheritance to rebuild the bar with the house on top, starting from scratch, and recreating his parents popular bar.

A year after that Alinoa walked through the door, not knowing about anything that had happened, but likewise, he didn't know anything about her, until he found out she had been turned into a vampire by the man she had run off with, and he rubbed her nose into the fact he had been right, not knowing any of the other details of her time being gone.

They now run the bar together. As for his skills in parkour, martial arts, and sword fighting, find these things out IC.

Body Type: Athletic and muscular

Marks: None, ignore the one in his faceclaim.

Pictures: The character in the following picture is Jellal from the anime Fairy Tail.

user posted image

I'm a little tea pot short and stout, thi- hey, whoa, wait, it's not time to tip me over and pour me out!

Natheniel S | Human
Alinoa S | Vampire
Balinore | Pure Elf
Sylvia | Gem Drake
user posted image
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