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» Tuldul, [x] Kamine || Male
Character Name: Tuldul
Character Gender: Male
Character Species: Kamine
Character Age: 100
Character Alignment: Neutral

Character Appearance: Tuldul is 5’ tall and has leathery, dragon like wings. He has one blue eye and one green eye with a pure white pelt. Being lucky enough to be blessed with control over the element of lightening, he has lightening blue streaks along his wings and back. He is also lean and extremely quick, looking like lightening as he attacks his prey.

Character Personality: Tuldul is a lonewolf that is trying to find his pack. He is protective of those who help him in his quest and will ensure they survive and are prosperous until they part ways or die. He never had an alpha personality but would be considered a Beta in many packs were he a part of them. Due to this, he has leadership skills when necessary but is definitely happy taking a back seat when needed.

Character skills/abilities: He has been blessed with the control over lightening. Due to this, he is extremely fast and strikes from the air before any ones what is coming. He is an extremely competent physical, gaining his strength from his dragon and his grace from the wolf.

Character Weaknesses/Flaws: He is lost without his pack and feels no purpose other than finding his family. He will only help others if it will further his end goal.

Character Backstory: Tuldul comes from Millirand originally. As a young pup, he was trapped by poachers and taken to the realm of Xaeri. Here he was traded to a slaver that only wanted him as a guard dog against sky pirates and other trespassers. Because of this, Tuldul had a dark period where everything he did angered him. One day, his owner took of his chain to chase several trespassers. Tuldul realized the opportunity laid in front of him and turned on his owner, taking his time to eat him from limb to limb.

Since then, Tuldul has traveled the world, trying to find his family while seeking vengeance on the poaching ring that ruined his life.
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