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 Alinoa Smith, [x] Vampire || Female
Name: Alinoa Smith

Nicknames: Ali

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Race: Vampire

Hair: Black with purple tips and bangs

Eyes: Electric blue

Height: 5'8

Personality: Cold, distant, and hates most everyone. The only one she seems to care about is her twin brother, Natheniel. If someone starts to get close to her she starts doing everything she can to push them away.

Powers/Strong Points: Vampire enhancement, parkour, and martial arts.

Weaknesses: Being cold towards other's makes her vulnerable in group fights. Her brother Natheniel.

Clothes: Casual clothing: Something similar to a tank top colored midnight purple, with black slacks, and simple black boots. When working she wears complete black leather tunic, black leather pants, and black leather boots.

History: Alinoa was a naive sheltered teenager, her and her brother grew up with their parents in a home above a bar that their parents owned. The bar was their parents livelihood and money source. They weren't allowed in the bar as children, but as they grew older their parents started teaching them how to work in the bar.

This of course meant Alinoa could finally start meeting people and making friends. The first "boy" she met was very handsome, he told her of places she'd only read about in books, but he had actually been there. A few months went by and he convinced her to run away with him, but that was her fatal mistake. Upon getting her completely out of her home realm, he turned her into a Vampire, without even telling her and getting her consent, this of course, hurt her in more ways than she had ever felt, and in a blood rage, killed her sire.

Five years went by, and she has only just made it home, to find out that three years ago the bar and house had burnt down, with her mother and father, her brother inherited everything, and had rebuilt the bar and house from scratch. She now works as an assassin and her brother gets her jobs.

And unbeknownst to anyone in Alinoa's life, she had had a child as the result of her relationship with her Vampire lover, but upon having the child the child was taken away from her by her sire and she has no idea where that child is now.

As for her skills in parkour, martial arts, and sword fighting, find these things out IC.

Body Type: Athletic

Marks: N/A

Pictures: The following pictures are of the character Diva from the anime Blood+

user posted imageuser posted image

I'm a little tea pot short and stout, thi- hey, whoa, wait, it's not time to tip me over and pour me out!

Natheniel S | Human
Alinoa S | Vampire
Balinore | Pure Elf
Sylvia | Gem Drake
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