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 Navrun, [x] Sarka || Male
Character Name: Navrun
Character Gender: Male
Character Species: Sarka
Character Age: 1,800
Character Alignment: Neutral Dark

Character Appearance: With typical Sarka features for an elite marked one, Navrun can be found with flat, ebony colored scales. Worshipping Gurthril, Sarka can also be seen with several distinct red stripes that travel up the left side of his face in the color of a dried, burgundy red blood. Standing at 13 feet tall (at his shoulders, he is one of the taller sarka and is roughly 52 feet long. Adorned with scars across his left wing from a fight with a blue dragon, Navrun is relatively unscathed elsewhere.

Character Personality: Navrun has, like all Sarka, an extreme hatred for dragons and their kind. However, unlike typical Sarka, Navrun has begun to believe that his kind may be wrong in their view towards other races. Typically an isolated race, Navrun believes that partnering with other species will help bolster their ability to eliminate the dragon kind. Because this view is so different compared to his normal brethren, he tries his best to keep this a secret, ensuring he may still carry out the will of his god without being exiled for his beliefs.

Character skills/abilities: Navrun has all of the deadly tools that make Sarka so deadly: The jagged barb at the end of his tail with a deadly neuro toxin, a deadly shriek, 16 massive talons (4 on each paw), extremely sharp fangs, 6 sharp talons on his wings (3 per wing). Navrun is considered one of the best fighters of his kind and has mastered the ability to phase his prey. Navrun also has the ability to control the element of fire to his bidding.

Character Weaknesses/Flaws: Due to his willingness to partner with additional species (except dragon kind), Navrun is often too trusting. As well, Navrun isn’t the greatest with social interaction and queues due to his isolation for so long.

Character Backstory: For the first 700 years of Navrun’s life, everything was normal for this Sarka. He grew up in Millirand, hunting small dragons and humanoids to survive, never having interacted with another Sarka. At the age of 750, Navrun felt a draw to the city of Mortuun’Daro. Upon arriving, other Sarka quickly noticed the deep red markings on his face as well as his sheer size and noted him as a marked warrior for Gurthril.

This point in time changed his life forever. From here on, he was sent on various missions to perform what he believed was Gurthril’s bidding. At the age of 1,550 he was sent on a mission to take assassinate a blue dragon that had landed in the Ryukun mountains. Upon arriving, he quickly located and attacked the blue dragon; however, his left wing was badly damaged while making the final blow with his tail barb causing him to be unable to fly.

As the neuro toxins were taking its course, the Blue Dragon landed beside him, ready to finish off his attacker. With both of them engrossed in their hatred, neither noticed the party of elves that arrived to also kill the dragon. After finishing off the dragon, the party of elves aided Navrun by healing his wing for thanks in his assistance. It turned out that prior to that morning, the Blue Dragon had laid waste to their village, killing most in his path.

At that fateful point, Navrun decided that it only made sense to partner with other races to ultimately eliminate the dragon kind. Having their assistance would ensure not only his safety, but the future of his kind. When Navrun arrived back at Mortuun’Daro to inform his peers of the successful mission, he quickly learned that his race’s inability to see past these other races as merely food would hinder his endeavors. To this day, he has not told the whole story to his kind and works with other races in secret to ensure that he is not banished.
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