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» Kage, [x] halfling || male
Character Name: Kage
Character Gender: Male
Character Species: Halfling
Character Age: 26
Character Alignment: Neutral

Character Appearance: Weighing in at 60 pounds and standing at a height of 3’6”, Kage was always one of the smallest in his clan. Under the hood and face cover he typically wears, one would find a clean shaven young man with brown hair, olive skin, and icy blue eyes. He is often found in all black shrouds with a bit of blue as seen in this rare picture captured below. He always has his dark steel short sword by his side and has several daggers hiding in various nooks and crannies of his outfit. Well not an official member, Kage has an onyx faction gem that he wears under his shrouds at all times to remind him of his past.

user posted image

Picture curtesy of http://whfrp.weebly.com/session-reports/se...ns-within-plans

Character Personality: Kage is typically very withdrawn and introspective. When he communicates to others, it is solely because he is in need of something from them. He sees others as an impediment to his work and would much rather work alone when possible. Due to this, he has alienated himself from many that would otherwise be allies and this isolation has affected him. He is awkward when interacting with peers and easily agitates when his method is not the one chosen.

Being an assassin has also lead to him having very little empathy when a peer is injured or someone is killed. Murders fascinate him and he studies them to learn new techniques were possible.

Character skills/abilities: Kage is extremely dexterous and leverages acrobatics to get where he needs to go. He has a knack for finding entrances that are not seen by the naked eye and prefers to never use the “front door” if he can avoid it. Kage also is extremely good at sneaking around and prides himself on his ability to blend into his surroundings ensuring he is not seen until he wants to be.

Character Weaknesses/Flaws: He is extremely slow to trust which has caused a rift between himself and others he has worked with. This is a great weakness for him as it often leads to him working solo on assignments that requires a team. As well, he cannot turn down an opportunity for money. This has caused issues as he will often take on more work than he can chew, leading to dropped contracts and many after him for failed jobs.

Character Backstory: Born in Alubria, Kage grew up in a family of 7, with 3 older brothers and one younger sister. From an early age, it was clear to see that Kage was the runt of the family. For years, he trained in secret with a master of arms in his village named Kenshi so that he could stand up against the bullying of his family and prove his worth. At the age of 9, Kage witnessed a horrible event.

His father, the only blacksmith capable of forging dark steel swords in the area, refused a contract to a criminal enterprise. Because of this, they sent a member of the Onyx to take care of this issue and acquire any remaining weapons that were made. When the assassin arrived, Kage was forced to hide under the floor boards of their house while his family defended their belongings. It was not long before his family was cut down brutally, but not before his father dealt a final death blow to the assassin.

Kage, mentally numbed by this situation, took his father’s dark steel blade and the assassin’s onyx faction gem and fled from the scene, not stopping until he reached an isolated cave located in the mountains far from his house. There, he stayed for 6 years before braving the world to track down the men that hired the hit on his father. After brutally slaughtering the criminal ring, he left the region and now travels the world looking for a purpose and contracts to keep his coffers full.
user posted image
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