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» Vermilion, [x] snakekind/snake || male
Name: Vermilion

Nicknames: Ver, Vermi

Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old, adolescent

Race: Snake and half Snakekind

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Green

Height: 3 feet in length

Personality: Soft spoken, kind, and can't bring himself to fight anyone for any reason. He shies away from everyone of all species, thinking himself unworthy of being considered a species, being half Snake and half Snakekind.

Powers/Strong Points: Tuzak poison in his teeth.

Weaknesses: He has not taken the time to learn how to fight, and is extremely shy.

Clothes: N/A

History: He was bred by a mad scientist by combining a Snakekind with a normal Snake. The scientist had gotten rid of his Snakekind parent before he and his brother and sister had hatched.

Upon hatching he was greeted by the scientist and the very curious guest, Balinore, he'd had at the time. One night Balinore stole him and his brother and sister away from the scientist, telling them that the scientist had planned on kill him and his brother and sister, and that since they weren't just animals, he couldn't let that happen.

He views Balinore as a friend, who protects him and his siblings from harm, and from the scary people of all the realms.

Body Type: Scrawny for most snakes, snakelike

Marks: A brown line going from the tip of his tail all the way up to where his head becomes his mouth.

Pictures: user posted image

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