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 Balinore, [x] Pure Elf || Male
Name: Balinore

Nicknames: Bal, Balin

Gender: Male

Age: 105

Race: Pure Elf

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Eyes: Glows like most Pure Elves, but has a lilac tint

Height: 6'5

Personality: Sweet, kind, gentle, and protective of those he loves. He also is shy around women, especially those who try to talk to him.

Powers/Strong Points: Sword and shield fighting, whittling, and singing.

Weaknesses: His over protectiveness and love of his three snake/snakekind companions.

Clothes: He wears a cobalt blue velvet cloak, held closed by a fancy pin made with Amethyst. Underneath he wears a simple crimson red tunic with matching pants, and brown hiking type boots.

History: Balinore grew up like most Pure Elves. Shunned by his parents and never wanting to be with them again, only major difference, he was part of one of the high up families, which made the spurn on him that much worse.

When he was born his mother wanted so little to do with him that he was given to a wet nurse who pretty much raised him, but she was kind to him, teaching him things, like how to play a clarinet, sing, and even whittle little figurines out of wood with a knife.

One day his wet nurse came to him on his 100th birthday, giving him a gift she had saved up for for a very long time. A brooch, made of amethyst in the shape of a Dragonfly.

But this was also the day his "parents" learned of how his wet nurse treated him, and upon finding out, had her put to death. Since Balin had just come of age, he left, swearing never to return.

Two years later he was traveling through Felnova, he stumbled upon a man doing experiments in a secluded cottege in a forest, with snakes and Snakekind. The man's goal had been to create a subspecies of Snakekind that didn't have any physical mutations of arms, wings, etc., but were sentient and had all kinds of beautiful colors.

The man had been successful. The Snakekinds had had a clutch of three eggs, which hatched into three beautiful colored snakes, who could speak, and reason, and for all intents and purposes, his experiment was a success. But while Balin was staying there for a few days, the man had decided he was going to dissect the three snakes, to see if there was anything useful he could learn about their anatomy.

Of course since the three snakes were sentient, Balin couldn't stand for this, and stole the three snakes in the middle of the night, and ran way.

One evening shortly after, he had started to play his clarinet, and Kornatia, the female and hooded snake of the trio, started to dance. Vermilion and Sorion both followed along, and before long, they decided to be a traveling dance group, making money in cities for travel, by performing street dances and such.

They now travel together quite happily.

Body Type: Lean and fit

Marks: N/A

Pictures: N/A

I'm a little tea pot short and stout, thi- hey, whoa, wait, it's not time to tip me over and pour me out!

Natheniel S | Human
Alinoa S | Vampire
Balinore | Pure Elf
Sylvia | Gem Drake
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