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» Daedryn, [x] Elf/Avian hybrid || female
Name: Daedryn

Gender: Female

Species: Elf/Avian hybrid

Appearance: Born of a Heartwoodian and a Greater Sooty Owl Avian, Daedryn has pale freckled skin all up and down her body. She has a wiry, lithe form with powerful thighs and arms. This pale female stands at nearly six feet four inches, while her limbs are long. Keen, up-turned eyes are the color of a brilliant sapphire, framed by thick eyelashes and regal facial features. High-cheekbones, a defined nose, and heart-shaped face, Daedryn could be thought of as pretty, if not beautiful. However, her beauty was marred several years ago in a vicious fight. Three parallel scars run diagonally down her face, barely missing her left eye, but taking out her right in the process. She currently wears black eye-patches in an effort to not bring her gouged eye to attention. Full, smiling lips have a nick in the upper right corner, while a brief slash goes down vertically on the left side.

She bears multiple scars, and displays them rather proudly. Her long fingers have callouses from writing, practicing with her bow, sewing, and foraging in the woods. Her curly hair goes down to just beneath her breasts, and is as black as soot. A pair of massive, sprawling wings that she inherited from her Avian father are just as black, with grey feathers interspersed along with tiny white spots. They resemble wings of the Greater Sooty Owl, but the people of the worlds have either forgotten the creature completely, or they don't remember what it's called. Her ears are as long as her Heartwoodian elf mother, who she greatly resembles except for the hair color and wings. Her bones are hollow, easily broken, but they allow her to be able to fly.

Daedryn much prefers to wear loose, comfortable clothing to move easily in. She has the habit of performing aerobatics in flight, which keeps her fit, so anything too tight could rip. There is a reason why she makes her own clothes, plus the addition of her wings. When needed to, she will dress formally.

Abilities: Daedryn is capable of flight with her wings, as she was born with them. She excels at crafting, as one of her favorite activities is to sew. She inherited the stealth, magic, and capability to wield the bow from her mother, but at the same time her Avian intuition, stamina, enchanting, and healing abilities make Daedryn a deadly opponent. The hybrid is rather weak in elemental magicks, except for dark and light. While she can wield a sword efficiently, she much prefers the bow. Daedryn also inherited the immortality from her mother's side, although when she reaches a certain age (26) she will stop aging. Fortunately, Daedryn is currently 28.

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