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» Filth Unclaimed, [x] Faerie || Male
 Posted: Sep 7 2017, 01:18 PM
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found the picture on google images

Name: Crocker
Character Name: = Filth Unclaimed
Alignment: Neutral Dark
Items: No items
Gender: = Male
Age: = 623 born on Felnova in 12407
Species: = Nain'fae; Unseelie

Filth is 6.5” tall. Pale skin almost luminescent white. With dark hair straight and shoulder length and pale eyes almost white. They stand out against his pale skin.
He wears trousers and a tunic of deep grey. They are simple but made of good quality materials. He also always wears a tool belt and a satchel with the tools of his trade packed safely within. A small mallet, chisels, a sharpening stone, carving blades as well as inks dies and brushes. He also carries a large (for him) map case slung over his back with fire and water proofing runes on it, he keeps his known runes inside along with other important papers.
His wing buds never developed so he cannot fly. He looks more like a diminutive pale skinned elf then a faerie.
Filth is extremely focused. His child hood was very bad and it has left mental scars that haunt him to this day He knows he is hideous and malformed not having a connection to an animal or an object like his more favored kin and not having wings to fly has left him feeling very small in a very big world. His adolescence was better being removed from his court and he has acquired a drive to prove himself better than any of those who mocked him
He has a great memory for language, letters, and great skill with his hands.

Brief history:
Born nain’fae in an unseelie court is very hard on a child. They named him Filth Unclaimed and he was abused and belittled for the first 50 years of his life. He was then basically sold to an old elf runeweaver who could feel his magical potential and saw an advantage in a pair of tiny hands in his line of work. He owned a shop that catered to wealthy individuals in Vystriana . It took an earthrealm human’s lifespan before filth began to open up and stop rebelling and to discover that he loved the work and had a talent for it. The old elf Corin who was Vystrian showed remarkable patience with filth. Treating him like a favored pet he was rewarded for good behavior and punished for bad. He spent as much time as he could learning. There was no love between them but there was respect.
His first jobs were simple things if not easy. He would rune the inside of important people’s goblets to cleanse poisons. The bottoms of rich patron’s china to prevent braking, surgeon's scalpel blades to keep the edges sharp for the war medics, portraits to prevent fire and age damage.
Over the last 30 years of war filth has had quite a bit of experience crafting runes to items for all matter of differing effects
The faction of hope killed his master Corin and destroyed the shop for supplying the royal dragon’s army with enchanted weaponry. This happened just weeks ago and Filth is now homeless and very angry with the faction of hope

Skills / Abilities:

Only in the last 100 years of so had his master trusted him to do work unsupervised. But the last 30 years of it was all war related work and he had a few centuries before that of tutoring and apprenticeship he is a skilled carver and his calligraphy is outstanding.

Powerful Reiatsu:
Being a nain’fae Filth’s magical aptitude is stronger than the norm for his species but not having wings seems to have strengthened his innate magical abilities. Perhaps in compensation for his lack of normal faerie traits.

He is very skilled at creating powerful and permanent works that are also pleasing to the eye. When he has ample time and a safe work environment his work is amazing

spending most of one’s life working safely inside a workshop or at a rich patrons home has drawbacks. When he tries to rush a working or is in an unsafe environment (like a battlefield) his runes won’t be as strong and may fail if stressed. He may overcome this weakness with time.
He also hates members of his own kind and blames them for his childhood. And feels shame about being wingless.
No wings and 6.5” tall with no martial training. Not well suited for adventuring.
 Posted: Sep 8 2017, 09:48 AM
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