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» Lestrion, [x] gryphon || male
Name: Lestrion

Age: Adolescent

Gender: Male

Race: Gryphon

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: Lestrion has the head and wings of a peregrine falcon, with two long, tufted ears, and the body of a cheetah, aside from his forelegs, which resemble the legs of a falcon. The spots on his pelt are a deep brown shade, and the base and tip of his tail have dark brown feathers fanning out from them. His eyes are a pale green shade, but glow brighter when he is using his magic. The strangest thing about his appearance is the brass orb covered with etchings that floats above his head, slightly behind his ears. This orb resists being touched, and Lestrion is completely unaware of its existence.

Personality: While at times he displays all the confident brashness of youth, and prone to engaging in contests or displays of agility and speed, Lestrion is rather sensitive and insecure when it comes to magic. The wild, unpredictable nature of his power irritates and unsettles him. He tends to get irritated when people mention the orb above his head. Since he is unaware of its presence, and cannot see it, even in a reflection, he tends to believe people are pulling some kind of prank when they mention it.

Skills/Abilities: He is extremely fast and agile on ground and in the air. His great speed allows him to strike hard and fast, and retreat before his target can retaliate. He can strike particularly hard if he soars to a great height and dives onto his prey.

He also possesses powerful, but unpredictable and chaotic magic. He can summon magics from all elements, and conjure non-elemental spells, but he has little to no control over what kind of magic he will conjure. The orb above his head provides him with significant magic defenses, although he is unaware of it.

Weaknesses/Flaws: While his speed and agility are excellent, he lacks great strength or endurance. The longer a fight lasts, the quicker he will begin to wear out. Also, the chaotic nature of his magic means he is a potential danger to himself and his allies as much as he is to his enemies. As such, he tends to be reluctant to use it around others.

History: He has no memories of his life before waking up in the mountains of Alubria. He was taken in by the Anarya flight, and has since done his best to repay their kindness, and make himself useful. To that end, he has begun to, carefully, try to harness his magic, when he isn't helping out with hunting, or defending the flight.
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