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 Arris Hector, [x] Undead || Male
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Elebits Official Artwork (Kai)

Birth Name: Arris (Pronounced 'Ow-ris') Hector
Age: 13 Years
Specie: Undead

Hair Color: Golden Blond
Eye Color: Toxic Purple
Complexion: Caucasian (Peach Complexion)
Height: 4'8 Feet
Weight: 49 Pounds
Body Type: Average

Appearance: Arris is an unearthly-looking kid who seems to almost not belong to the living plane. He naturally carries the same build as any other typical child who is about to step into the realm of puberty but there is naturally something off about him. His hair is a legitimate shade of gold, reaches down to his ears and is both surprisingly tough and incredibly straight. Meaning that to try and change hairstyles would take several hours of effort - at minimum. Arris' eyes are a peculiar shade of purple, an uncommon color when compared with most and his skin carries a healthy hue which suggests plenty of time spent outdoors.

The kid has an average build for a person his age which suggests he's gotten plenty of exercise and time outdoors to gift him with a lean body type. He can always be found wearing highly unusual clothing that appears to be crafted in a land far different to the realms. Whether this is thanks to his magic or otherwise remains to be seen, but some parts of his clothing have been shown to be able to morph according to his desires. Typically, he can be found in dark formal-looking clothing which (at base) are mainly black, but are lined with reds, yellows and golds for sleek but elegant designs. His long-sleeved top matches his pants and shoes, but over his outfit happens to be a cape which fits perfectly with the rest of his image. A pouch also adorns his waist which seems to be attached quite firmly to his top and pants with matching buttons and clips.


Personality: This child used to be a friendly, polite kid with a firm grasp of manners and first-time impressions towards accomplices. He was taught to be welcoming, charming, and of course, most important of all; understanding with his peers. It was because of these well-groomed manners and social etiquette being a staple of his younger years, he grew up to be beloved by all. Always holding his chin up, walking with confidence and purpose seemed to ensure others were drawn in. Making him one of the few people around who could honestly say he knew who everyone was along with their various likes and dislikes.

However, that was all before his untimely death...

Arris' personality following his death saw his personality take a dramatic turn. In fact, his persona saw a complete wipe of his former self. He no longer would treat others with humility, he wouldn't approach others with a smile and well-practiced manners, and he certainly wouldn't put himself forward to lend a helping hand to others. In fact, Arris following the accident appeared to be no more then a shell of his former self - one who was incapable of handling even his own emotions alone. This change saw him recede into himself, becoming much more reserved and quiet to the point where one could easily mistake him for mannequins or statues when stationary.

There are a few traits which have since carried over from his former life, but none of which are glaringly obvious to others. Arris is at his best when he is on his own and doesn't have to worry about others along with what they possibly think of him - and what he thinks of them. Parts of his old self show themselves at odd times, but only when believes he is alone or is surrounded only by the Vexis. As a result of his new found abilities and new lease of life, Arris is convinced that ordinary humans (mortals specifically) are beyond understanding or help - which see's him largely avoid or ignore them if he can help it.

Though there was once a time when he seemed to be bustling with happiness and life. Of course, that was before his death. Nowadays Arris does all he can to keep his emotions at bay in order to avoid dealing with his problems head-on. He finds it much easier to function without his emotions actively within himself - holding him back, and thus is why his emotions are typically displayed by his Vexis. It allows him the ability to exercise a certain amount of control over his own emotions, allowing him to always keep a clear head to think and act with. Of course, he is also able to function in battle much better because of this - the alternative seeing him be overwhelmed to the point of paralysis by his own woes.



- Weapon Proficiency: For a reason even he cannot begin to explain, Arris need only pick up a weapon to understand how to use it properly. While he may not be able to fight on par with masters with certain weapons, he can certainly hold his own if needed.

-"The Vexis"
These are small spirit-creatures that he may utilise through a bond of sorts, originating from his past; the souls of those he has seen die, that he's come to call the 'Vexis' for lack of a better name. They are created only when Arris witnesses the death of a mortal being which he himself (directly) did not cause. All Vexis look exactly alike (black skin, tiny arms, no legs, large eyes, entire body in the shape of a raindrop of sorts), right down to the tips of their tails, but each one carries a different soul within them. Whether this means they keep their original personalities and traits from when they were alive or not remains to be seen, but they are all capable of an odd manner of speech that Arris can understand, are capable of thinking for themselves, and can all leave Arris' side to perform given tasks independently if necessary. These Vexis are bound to Arris from the moment of their death until the very moment they are given a "second death". But by using Arris' emotions as an active source of power, they are capable of defending themselves or him in a number of different ways.

When a Vexis has taken on a certain emotion and displays the specific abilities that come with it, Arris is capable of temporarily merging with the creature-like spirits in order to make use of those abilities himself. Once merged, Arris is capable of using the emotions abilities much like the Vexis before him are capable of, but he is able to take it even further -a second level as it were- which enhances the benefits gained. Arris is only capable of merging with a single Vexis at any one time. And if at any point Arris stops feeling a certain emotion or begins to feel another, a Vexis is capable of switching to the new emotion immediately - abandoning the former in the process.
  • Anger: When the emotion of Anger is exhibited by Arris and taken on by one of the Vexis, large Red Claws take shape on both forelimbs. These Claws are strong, light-weighted and surprisingly quick despite their large and intimidating appearance. Each individual Claw is long, sharp and bright Red in color. The Claws themselves are capable of ripping apart many kinds of substances with minimal problems and are a good match-up against various other kinds of bladed weapons.
    Hate: With the Anger taken even further, Arris see's his entire arms taking the form of the Red Claws. The claws themselves become much larger compared to before, much more intimidating, and the cutting power has increased exponentially. They are still fairly light, but they appear to practically merge with Arris' arms, even beyond his very shoulders. They have become a much darker, bloodier Red then before and Arris will become far more vicious in his fighting style.
  • Envy: The emotion of Envy grants Arris and the Vexis a Green Scythe with which to wield. The Scythe itself is strong, durable and offers a much better range of attack in terms of close combat situations. The blade in itself is lined with a number of serrations along it's blade which ultimately increase it's cutting power. Unlike the claws, the Green Scythe itself can be used to effectively ensnare others or control the flow of combat when used in specific.
    Jealousy: Once Envy has been taken even further by Arris, the scythe becomes even more threatening in appearance and much deadlier in design. Becoming much larger, taking on a dark Green design, the scythe has become able to create much deeper wounds then is normal thanks to it's design being reminiscent of a saw's blade. The range of attack the scythe allows is pushed even further as well.
  • Greed: Greed is the emotion that offers a Yellow Whip with which Arris and the Vexis can use to control the immediate area. With a mid-range of attack, the Yellow Whip can handle multiple enemies at once and can strike at foes with precise strikes. The Whip can be used to capture and bind targets as well as to attack, and the proper strength behind a swing can potentially neutralize both attacks and targets with relative ease. The more Arris desires something, the larger the Yellow Whip can become.
    Possessive: Once Arris' greed has been deepened, the Yellow Whip shall fade away, only to be replaced by several Golden Tendrils upon Arris' back with a pack. There are three Tendrils in total, each of which are far tougher then the whip, and all of which are capable of extending themselves to even better distances. Not only does this backpack of Tendrils allow for increased range and more means of attack then the whip alone, but they also offer much better reaction speeds and versatility in battle. Able to handle multiple tasks/enemies at once.
  • Annoyance: Where annoyance is concerned, Arris and the Vexis spawn an Orange-tinted pair of Goggles over their eyes and become surrounded by an Orange Aura to match. This is essentially the most unusual of the abilities as it happens to be the most unassuming. The Aura itself allows a mid-range of attack on multiple targets, comparable to the greed whips, but is incapable of blocking any oncoming attacks. However, the trade-off for the complete lack of defense is the guarantee of the air within the Orange Aura being entirely purified, filtering out any toxicities found within. Unfortunately the Orange Aura itself is far from being battle-worthy. The aura itself guarantees attacking multiple targets, but it holds the lowest attack potential of all other abilities.
    Aggravation: The Orange Aura has become much bigger and stronger since it's primary version. The Goggles have become more pronounced and the Aura not only guarantees air purification and filtering, but also regulates the temperatures within the Aura, nullifies the effects of all toxicities in the air (even in gas) and guarantees breathing in harsh conditions. As an added plus, the Goggles can also reveal hidden stuff. The Aura is perfectly capable of holding it's own against multiple opponents as originally intended and gains respectable attack power as a result.
  • Disgust: Disgust see's Arris and the Vexis telekinetically wield several Purple Spheres which can be launched at varying ranges, but can also be made to strike at targets at incredible distances. This makes for a versatile ability which can be used in almost every situation. The Purple Spheres themselves are incredibly dense, capable of warding off certain types of attacks and enemies, but these Spheres in particular are perfect for guaranteeing strikes thanks to being telekinetically controlled. They can be used as far as the eyes can see, but will shatter shortly after impact. Once a Sphere has shattered, a new one can be spawned to take its place.
    Revulsion: At the second stage of strength, the Spheres become Crystalline Orbs, each one a dark Purple in color. The Crystalline Orbs are larger then their base forms and will no longer shatter shortly after impact. While they are capable of being used at almost any range (especially over large distances), the Purple Crystalline Orbs are also granted a homing ability upon a chosen target. Essentially, a Crystalline Orb can be telekinetically launched in the general direction of a target then be left to home in on their own. This allows for much more practical methods of attack to take hold. The Purple Crystalline Orbs cannot be neutralised through conventional means, but will return to Arris once impacted against something solid.
  • Suspicion: Suspicion gives way to the Grey Bow for either Arris or the Vexis. With this Grey Bow, Arris is able to shoot at foes from vast distances - taking each and every one of them down with exceptional finesse not seen with any other ability. Each and every 'arrow' that is unleashed behaves much like an ordinary arrow, but are capable of poisoning organic substances that are struck. The Grey Bow cannot effectively be used at close range, except for in the case of dealing blunt strikes, but the main benefit to this weapon is the lack of sound that comes with launching every arrow.
    Paranoia: Upon reaching the second phase of suspicion, the Grey Bow splits apart and takes the form of two Grey Bands around either of Arris' wrists with a protruding device attached onto each. These are the Grey Bands which fire off concentrated lazers in continuous or short bursts in much the same manner as the Grey Bow & arrow combination before them. These Bands lazers are capable of piercing through armor and can certainly handle travelling up to great distances but both Grey Bands cause high degrees of noise pollution with every shot. Essentially, Arris' hands are free with these Grey Bands as they are fixed onto his wrists, allowing him to use both simultaneously to take down targets at longer ranges. But for them to be effective at all, Arris needs to remain completely stationary as he aims for his targets. The less movement there is on his part, the more accurate his shots can potentially become.
  • Sadness: The emotion of sadness gives birth to one of the most unusual of abilities in the entire arsenal after Annoyance goggles. With this emotion, Arris and the Vexis are able to adorn themselves with Blue Tech-Savvy Boots. These Blue Boots are peculiar in that they allow the wearer to teleport at will within a finite area. Though this doesn't necessarily present very many offensive means of attack, it does ensure higher evasion and a better means of escape then any other given ability. This ability emphasises on distance between the user and their enemies.
    Grief: Once the Blue Tech-Savvy Boots have been made to reach an even higher level while adorned by Arris, their level of evasion becomes unprecedented. They become much more advanced in appearance and reach up to Arris' mid shins. Not only is he capable of short-range teleportation with the Blue Boots, but long distance teleportation becomes possible, even with a small group. Once again, this ability is primarily used for the purposes of evasion - the second level opening up the option of travel to Arris. Of course, the Blue Boots can be used in a tactical manner during battle, but as their primary function is to keep Arris at a distance away from a target, they aren't as effective as other battle-ready abilities.
  • Morose: With the emotion of morose in the works, Arris and the Vexis are granted an Indigo Cape -that looks fairly ominous in it's design- with which to defend from many kinds of attacks. Primarily best used against physical attacks from enemies, the Indigo Cape can be used to ward off attacks from the front or alternatively used to shroud the user with it's defensive properties. When this ability is active with Arris, the Cape that he already wears becomes indigo in color and he is able to see it extend to a slightly larger size then it's original.
    Forlorn: The defensive properties of the Indigo Cape are given the chance to evolve beyond what they were capable of before. Not only is it capable of defending against physical attacks, but non-physical attacks as well. While this does depend on the attack itself (as not every attack in existence can just be shrugged off) it does allow for peace of mind when faced with dangerous odds. The Indigo Cape is now also able to protrude spikes in the area that has been struck as a means of increased defense. Lacing a hidden attack in with it's exceptional defensive abilities.
  • Fear: The final and most note-worthy of all the abilities. Fear, when in effect, bestows a pair of bright White Wings onto Arris and the Vexis' backs. These Wings are quite large and can be used not only for flight, but for both defensive and attacking purposes. They offer quite a bit of maneuverability within the air and can also unleash brilliant bursts of energy with every forceful flap. Because the White Wings are focused on opposing that which makes Arris fearful, they are mainly spawned with survival in mind - which guarantees that their effectiveness can increase exponentially even in the midst of battle.
    Horror: Arris gains a total of four White Wings with which to increase all his prior abilities. This means that not only are his means of attack, defense, speed and mobility increased, but he can easily out-pace many ground and airborne-based foes as needed. Of course, the more fearful Arris is, the further these advances in his abilities may be increased. However, another plus to this ability in it's next form is that all Vexis gain these benefits as well. This is obviously a last-ditch attempt to ensure Arris' safety, so the White Wings themselves are used as a trump card of sorts in dire situations. The trade-off for this however, is the large amounts of energy it consumes during use which ensures that once the ability has been deactivated, Arris will become incapable of engaging in combat for a time.


Arris and each of his Vexis can be stopped using particular Gemstones. Obsidian gemstones can see Arris be sealed away for a time and unable to escape upon exposure, but contact must be made for this to be possible. Similarly, the Vexis can also be sealed away in much the same manner, however should they embody a certain emotion at the time, only specific corresponding Gemstone types will be viable to work. Only when all Vexis currently in Arris' possession are sealed can Arris himself be sealed away.

Arris cannot be involved in the death of a mortal being in any way in order for them to become a Vexis. The bond that forms between him and the Vexis upon it's mortal death requires him only to personally witness their death; and nothing more.

Should all of his Vexis be destroyed, Arris will be completely powerless until more can be acquired.

Once all his Vexis have been destroyed, Arris will be overwhelmed by all of his emotions at once which could keep him stunned for however long it takes to personally sort through them.

Surprisingly, because Arris does not have control over which emotion he happens to be feeling at what time, neither he nor the Vexis can decide what ability can be utilized/selected in a given situation.

Due to the nature of the Vexis, these beings can only ever take on negative emotions experienced by Arris.


The Origin:

Arris was born to a high-class family north. From a young age, Arris wasn't gifted with marvelous riches and endless valuable luxuries as most others in wealth are known to receive. Arris was in fact made to spend a large amount of time with various people who would instill within him the necessary morals and values to succeed within the upper class. To which, Arris responded in kind. Months, even years with these "teachers" would be ongoing, where he would see little time for himself, but much time for learning proper etiquette.

However, just because he was forced into being taught nothing but social etiquette and proper speech, that doesn't mean he didn't get to spend time outside or with his family to enjoy himself. As far as his family goes, while they might not have been the most directly accommodating of individuals, they all made it a point to be around when these lessons were going on, or to learn new skills together as opposed to spending time alone. This not only taught Arris certain important values, in terms of both social expertise but also the true meaning of family. His father, mother and older sibling all listened to one another and taught one another as much as they could, but rarely touched on their vast expanses of money for little else other then to gain knowledge and to keep themselves in high places among society.

But such bliss wasn't to last...

On a trip to town to buy some essentials, Arris had managed to get caught in a horrible accident concerning a certain mage's spell. Unfortunately, Arris was killed instantly - unable to survive the impressive display of magic gone wrong. The young boy was killed at the tender age of thirteen years old. Unfortunately, because of the state his body was in following the spell, identifying him to his family was next to impossible. Especially since he wasn't the only one killed in the accident. Instead, his family merely declared him missing, assuming he'd been kidnapped or had gotten lost. Nothing more could be done.

A year later, Arris returned to his family, but despite it being a year since he'd left, he physically hadn't aged a day. It was almost as if he hadn't gone missing and everything went back to how things used to be. Except, the boy no longer behaved as he used to. His family noticed this change, as did his peers. But with how unresponsive he was being, there was little anyone could do to figure out why. Even reversing this new found behavior became folly. Eventually, the boy became incredibly reserved and kept mostly to himself. Unable to speak to others, or even to actively follow in the matters of others. Even when trying to speak and explain concepts to those who would listen, there were things he would say and riddles he would speak that would see others fall into a confused or stunned silence.

It was on the night of a particularly terrible storm when the family were together in darkness that saw an amateur thief sneak into their home - taking as many valuable items as possible. As the family tried to draw Arris' former demeanour out of him to replace the new, the thief slipped into the room and killed Arris' mother on the spot with a sword. Arris' older sibling and father wrestled with this theif, trying desperately to ensure the rest of the families lives, but in the end, the scuffle led to not only his older siblings death, but also his father. And Arris saw it all with his own two eyes.

The whole time, the kid had watched from a corner in safety, trying to figure out what to do; but then he noticed something odd float from the body of his murdered mother. As the fight for survival continued around him, he ignored it all in favor of understanding what had come from his mother's body. What it was, what it could do and how it came to be were all questions Arris would have liked to ask; but the spirit that had since taken shape didn't seem capable of actual human speech. Nonetheless, turning his eyes to the fight, Arris bore witness to the remainder of what had been his family fall to the floor, and the thief that had taken everything he'd known from him in one fell swoop. A moment later, the creature-like spirit that had come from his mother took on a red glint to it's already dark skin and a pair of claws had appeared upon it's forelimbs which it used to then kill the thief with relative ease.

The worst was over...

Following this, Arris was soon joined by two more of these spirits, which he had come to understand meant that each one of these spirits held a small part of his family within them. He grieved for many months, and avoided speaking to others at every instance. But eventually, he came to understand that the spirits -the Vexis- were trying to communicate to him. With a bit of listening and a little bit more patience, Arris came to learn exactly how they came to be and what he'd managed to do with them on that fateful night. He came to understand that in a way, he and they were connected.

Since his death, Arris came to understand that he no longer needed to eat, sleep or uphold any other basic human functions as he had before. So instead of packing some much needed essentials, he simply left his former family home and never looked back. He has since travelled the realms, learning as much as he could about the Vexis as he went, and found out he could do even more with them once enough practice had been taken. But of course, with these new abilities and following on from his rebirth, Arris struggled to understand what he was and why he was able to do so many amazing things. But he has yet to find out the answer...

Wyatt Calaeus Human Junior Adventurer looking to become stronger.
Arris Hector - Mysterious Undead kid looking for answers.
Aterax Demon/Human Hybrid Godward of Pestilence looking to cause strife.
Rhexic Pureblood vampire lazy in every respect.
Finnigan Human kid sacrificed to the Dark Five by parents.
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