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» Jorm, [x] Jotun/Elemental || Male
 Posted: Sep 6 2017, 03:27 PM
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Credit: Created by Grecia-Frangos at Deviantart, link as it follows: https://grecia-frangos.deviantart.com/art/D...S-III-561780650

Name: Jorm
Nicknames: "The Flaming Jotun", "Ancient Conqueror", "False Prophet"
Gender: Male
Species: Hybrid between Jotun and Fire Elemental
Appearance: Jorm has two different apperances, what he looked like before his fusion with a fire elemental and after.

Jorm is at an impressive height of 34 foot tall, he wears either a cowl or a hood most of the time to cover his hair, though if revealed he is shown to have brown messy hair, he is light-colored when it comes to his skin, brown eyes and his face is bigger in height then width, though not by much, his friends joke about this calling him "Pinhead". His clothing depends on the situation, whether hes off-duty and wears normal citizen clothes, or on-duty he wears his soldier armor.
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Credit: Created by DalSifoDyas at Deviantart, link as it follows: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Yhorm-the-fr...estie-609776396

Jorm wears a longer hood with a crown that covers his entire head, after his fusion his skin becomes darker, looking burned, scorched. He retains his height of 34 foot tall and his fire veins are seen through his skin and armor, his brown eyes now have a red shade over them and no longer has any hair, or can grow out any hair due to his fiery skin. He wears heavy armor throughout his body.
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Credit: Found on Pinterest, with the search result of "Yhorm the Giant"


Fiery Skin: Jorm has yet to control this and cannot control how much fire can come out from his veins, so far it can increase or decrease based on his rage, his fuel for battle. The more angry he gets, the more his fire burns. Regardless, this is a passive defense on Jorm and anyone who were to touch his fiery skin would be burned. Interestingly, his fire veins nearly go out whenever he's in a peace of mind or when he's asleep.

Latent Fire Abilities: After his fusion with a fire elemental, it is very possible for Jorm to learn and perhaps do certain types of fire magic, but he isn't exactly a big fan of magic and doesn't see it as that useful, and trusts more in the swing of his great machete.

Enhanced Strength/Durability: Due to the obvious nature of his strength and height as a Jotun, Jorm is good at dealing damage and receiving it.

Experienced in battle: As a former soldier of the Jotun army, plus going through many battles, it is fair to say that Jorm has quite a mindset for warfare and on how to fight efficiently.


Pride: Jorm was rising up through the ranks when he was in the Jotun army, nearly reaching the rank of Hersir, he wasn't just satisfied with himself but for serving his people, and it was taken away from him, if any insults were made on him based on this, he would lose it and go in a frenzy.

Water/Ice Magic: Due to his fire veins constantly being there, Jorm wouldn't take water or ice attacks very well.
 Posted: Sep 7 2017, 04:53 AM
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