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 Tzandur, [x] demon/sphinx/kaveri
Name: Tzandur

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Demon/Sphinx/Kaveri

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Tzandur is a tall, eagle-like creature. His kaveri ancestry is most prominent, as he looks little different than most kaveri. One key difference is his height. He stands well over six feet, and tends to wear a black cloak that conceals his wings until they are spread for flight, and much of his body. Beneath this cloak, he wears a dark tunic. A black, wide-brimmed hat adorns his head, and a thick, black, beak-like mask with red lenses covers his face. Beneath his thick clothing, his feathers are dark, nearly black, with gold highlights, and his eyes are a burning yellow shade. Long, sharp talons adorn his hands and feet.

Personality: Stoic, quiet, and seemingly imperturbable, Tzandur is a creature of few words. He often won't say a word to those he deems not worth his time, or even give them so much as a single glance. However, he occasionally displays a quirky sense of humor when around those who have gotten to know him. When in a fight, he is utterly savage, and without mercy.

Skills/Abilities: His fighting style is much like a full-blooded raptor kaveri's would be, making devastating use of his beak and talons, reinforced with specially crafted metal coverings for use in a full battle. His demon-enhanced strength allow him to cut through all but the toughest materials without the aid of weapons. With his metal talon-coverings, he can cleave through most anything. His grip is extremely powerful, capable of crushing bone. He is extremely fast and agile, making his movements hard to follow and counter.

His sphinx and demon heritage is most evident in his potent magical abilities. He makes good use of earth, air, and lightning magics, and is a master of wards and shields. His Pestilence heritage makes him all but immune to poison and disease.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He eschews armor, which can leave him vulnerable to attack if somebody were to manage to sneak up on him when he is unprepared. He is somewhat vulnerable to dark and fire magics. As his sharp vision is adapted to Kurai's atmosphere, and often dim light, he tends to wear a mask to shield his eyes. If this mask were to be damaged, the bright light could prove to be disorienting.

History: Tzandur was conceived when his father Charn decided to copy his his father Vortigern's habits. He proved to be quite loyal and useful to both his father and grandfather, and after Vortigern rose to Lordship over Pestilence, Tzandur was given a place in the Pestilence military, where he personally oversaw the expansion of the Kingdom's airship fleet, taking the largest, most powerful airship as his personal flagship.

Now, he stands ready to put this grand weapon of war to good use for Pestilence Kingdom.
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