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» Cyrvis Thauscri, [x] undead || male
Name: Cyrvis Thauscri

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Undead Lich

Alignment: dark

Appearance: An age old skeleton that is nothing more than ashen bones clad in the scraps of a once mighty suit of gilded black armor. Some may call him a Lich.

Personality: Proud and unwavering, Cyrvis stands his ground and upholds his personal morals.

Skills/Abilities: An exceptional swordsmen in life, though he has yet to adapt his skills fully to undead-dom. Cold green flames flicker in the sockets of his skull, speaking of the magic keeping him alive. This necrotic fire lends him the power to raise several mindless undead that harry his foes, or he may wreath his blade in a necrotic haze, and other acts of foul magic. His power in life was similar, and he finds it ironic as he is now.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Such is undeath that holy magic is strong against his being. His proud demeanor means he never backs down... no matter the odds.

History: Once a powerful knight clad in regal armor, his cause is now a long lost memory. Now he wanders, still searching for ways to spread the influence he served in life.
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