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» Ryoshi, [x] demon/sphinx/souleater || female
Name: Ryoshi

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Race: Demon/Sphinx/Souleater

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: Ryoshi looks much like a typical souleater, with a mane of silver fire running down the length of her spine, from skull to tail tip. This mane is edged in blood-red scales, while the rest of her body is covered in dark scales the color of obsidian. While these scales are smooth to the touch, they can be flexed outward so they present sharp edges capable of shredding even the hardest of armor or scales. Two long, serrated horns grow from her head, and two long, pointed, mobile ears grow just in front of these horns.

Personality: She is only barely smarter than the majority of her kind, as she possesses a limited vocabulary, and the ability to actually reason, to a limited extent. Otherwise, she is largely ruled by instinct, and base emotions. While she is slow to trust strangers, she is generally safe to be around, and fiercely protective of those she has decided are her friends. When angered, she tends to react with abrupt brutality. She is generally loyal, if a bit rough, towards her family, particularly her father, Charn.

Skills/Abilities: Souleater that she is, she possesses an enormously powerful will, and the ability to consume mental and spiritual energy. She can use this consumed energy to heal herself almost instantly, allowing her to drain powerful foes until they are powerless and brain-dead, all the while healing any injuries they may inflict on her. Her claws and teeth, as well as horns and scale edges, are sharp and serrated, capable of inflicting nasty injuries that take a long time to heal. Lastly, the silver mane running down her spine is comprised of pure hellfire, which she can use to deadly effect. She can use her soulforce to conjure powerful wards, and turn intangible, as long as she focuses. She can likewise sense deceit, whether it be lies, illusions, or glamour magics.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her powers require her to be in close proximity to her prey to be effective, putting her at a disadvantage against quicker, more nimble foes who prefer to fight at range. Her lack of intelligence can also put her at a disadvantage against more cunning foes. She also tends to get frustrated with problems that require a lot of thought.
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