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» Gravwehr, [ ] Goblin || male
Name: Gravwehr

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Goblin

Alignment: neutral-dark

Appearance: A small creature that stands around 2 feet tall, Gravwehr is almost exclusively brown. His yellow eyes are a little larger than most Goblins, but that appears to be the only thing abnormal about him. He also likes to wear pants.

Personality: A little more laid back than a goblin should be, he often caves in at affection but isn't afraid to fight whatever the fight is. Unless that fight is 40 to 1, he ain't signing up for that.

Skills/Abilities: Gravwehr is skilled in trap making and improvising, or thinking on his feet. He has some small necromantic abilities, though that's only from being around it for a long period of time. Such as turning undead to not attack him, or causing small necrotic damage with a weapon, nothing fantastically powerful. Though he does have room to grow.

Weaknesses/Flaws: The slight temper on this fellow blows at the oddest of things and times. Also, thanks to his extended stay around necromantic magic he finds light magic to sting a little more than it should.

History: His small years were spent being a lab assistant to a necromancer. Though, when that necromancer died to mysterious circumstances he left to wander the underground on his own.
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