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» Squishy, [x] deathcat || male
Name: Squishy

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Deathcat

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Squishy looks mush like a typical deathcat, with dark fur, muscular build, long tail, and two massive fangs in his upper jaw. However, what really sets him apart from other deathcats is the large, fibrous mushroom cap sitting atop his head. The cap is red on top, and covered in white dots, while the cap's underside is an off-white shade. His ears extend upwards from this cap which, while it appears to be perched on his head like a hat, is actually a part of him.

Personality: Calling Squishy eccentric would be a generous description. The constant influence of the psychotropic mushroom fused with his head has dulled his aggression to nothing, and left him with a permanently spaced-out, almost philosophical outlook on life. He has a tendency to ramble, even if he's by himself.

Skills/Abilities: He possesses all of the strength, agility, and natural weapons of any deathcat. In addition to that, the mushroom atop his head constantly emits a calming, euphoric aura capable of calming even a raging berserker who gets too close. He has gained the ability to sense ghosts, and often see them, and often has visions of the future. Also, due to being part fungus, he can absorb some nutrients as if he himself was a mushroom, allowing himself to go for extended periods of time without hunting, provided he is in the right climate.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His sense of danger has greatly diminished. He has no natural magics, and has no real defense against magical attack. His euphoric state often makes his judgment questionable at best.

History: For several years, Squishy, then known by another name, which he has since forgotten, was a part of a fairly typical deathcat pride that made its way to Evylon. While there, he accompanied a hunting party, and got caught in a magestorm. He attempted to seek shelter within a large growth of mushrooms. While he survived the magestorm, its chaotic, mutative power had altered him, fusing him with a mushroom he was hiding beneath, and forever changing his life. During the course of his travels since then, he gained the name Squishy, although he has no real memory of where from.
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