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 Wyatt Calaeus, [x] Human || Male
Name: NyteDaez
Official Artwork of Tsurugi Tatewaki from Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes

Character Name: Wyatt Calaeus

Age: 12 Years

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Alignment: Light

Items: Longsword & Sheath, Water Flask, Jaden Pouch

user posted image

Appearance: Wyatt is a young boy with unruly chocolate brown hair and large, hazel hued eyes. He has a distinct air of youth and charm to him that many can't help but consider him a staple example of his peer group and, despite whatever hardships may come his way, carries himself with an air of confidence that is to be envied.

He has an average build for a male of his age (though he's a little short at 4'6'') but has the defining traits that show he is as active and healthy as they come. Mainly due to manual labour and various tasks requiring a bit of muscle. He is, for all intents and purposes, very capable for his age and has impressive stamina to boot.

He wears typical clothing seen on an adventurer; such as matching brown gloves and boots, a blue short sleeved undershirt with a red and white short sleeved overcoat, faded yellow pants and a brown belt worn around his waist. He also sports a a yellow guard wrapped around his right elbow but this is purely for aesthetic purposes. His sword is sheathed and ready for use upon his back and his pouch rests at his left hip tied to his waist.

Personality: Wyatt is unsurprisingly overly optimistic to a startling degree. As most youngsters typically are, he is completely ignorant to the harsher ways of the world and so tends to look upon others as if to expect a helping hand or word of advice with everything. Never really doubting the motives of others or taking the time to step back and consider what really might be going on.

Loyal to the point of being almost unable to think for oneself, unwavering faith even in the face of complete adversity and completely wilful to the depths of his soul. Wyatt is a pure-hearted kid with his heart on his sleeve. With the best intentions for himself and others always at the forefront of his mind, he generally dislikes conflict of all kinds.

Though this young man clearly approves of law and order, as well as upholding them as best he can, he has a guilty pleasure in loving all kinds of weapons and methods of combat. Quite a stark contrast to his dislike of conflict for sure, as weapons generally do lead to conflict and combat of the physical (often deathly) kind. But yet there is definitely a sense of blind joy when he sets his eyes upon a bladed edge. Although he may be reluctant to see weapons being actively used in battle, he would willingly set aside his curious eyes in favour of the lives of his comrades or even his own.

In combat, Wyatt will steel his own feelings in favour of performing his very best and doing everything he is capable of doing when necessary. Whether that be from taking orders from a superior or by acting on his own volition, Wyatt will attempt to be as brave as possible in the face of certain danger. Preferring to act in such a way as to minimize all bloodshed, his fighting style often focuses around agility and evasion provided to him by his youth and tiny stature. However, he is certainly no stranger to attack and defence should that be the only option left.

Skills/Abilities: Unfortunately for him, Wyatt is not known for being able to utilise magic. In fact, it may be fair to say he has no ability in this area at all and this is not likely to change at any time in the near future. He is, however, quite well versed in the use of his Longsword and shows quite a bit of skill and promise in picking up techniques and the proper way to use it.

This youngster may just be a simple rookie adventurer looking to make a name for himself out in the wild, but there is certainly remarkable potential where his future is concerned.

Wyatt Calaeus Human Junior Adventurer looking to become stronger.
Aterax Demon/Human Hybrid Godward of Pestilence looking to cause strife.
Rhexic Pureblood vampire lazy in every respect.
Finnigan Human kid sacrificed to the Dark Five by parents.
user posted image
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