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 Oinari, [x] dragon/kitsune || male
Name: Oinari

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Eastern Dragon/Kitsune

Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Normally appears as an eastern dragon with distinctly lupine features. His head looks almost entirely like a red fox's, aside from the long, kudu-like horns growing from his head, and the long, thin, tufted tendrils growing from his snout. Smooth black scales cover the front of his neck, and his belly, while his chest is covered by thick white fur. Fiery red fur covers much of the rest of his body, with a ridge of reddish-brown fur running from the crown of his head to one-third down the length of his long, vulpine tail, which ends in a bushy white tip. His forelegs, from the elbow down, are covered with smooth black scales, and end ion sharp talons. His hind legs are more vulpine, but likewise end in talons. His eyes are a bright amber shade.

He can take on a more humanoid shape, but this form still retains several draconic and vulpine features, such as his tail, ears, horns, and talons. Whenever he takes on a humanoid form, he tends to prefer plain, loose-fitting clothing.

Personality: Oinari loves strong drink, and is most often to be found in a state of inebriation. When traveling, he often carries a jug filled with some form of strong drink in it, just so he won't be caught without. While inebriated, he tends to be very jovial, and often invites anyone he meets to join him in a few drinks, usually acting disappointed and hurt if they should refuse. He tends to be helpful, or sometimes overly helpful, towards others.

However, on those rare occasions where he is sober, he tends to be grouchy and short-tempered, and often has no memories of what he may have said or done while drunk, although, oddly enough, his memories return once he's had a few drinks, whereupon he will often forget what he may have said or done while sober.

Skills/Abilities: While he is quite proficient with earth and water magics, his mastery over his amber-colored reiatsu is his most potent ability. In battle, he can conjure blades, armor, and shields made of pure reiatsu, while his fighting style is fluid and unpredictable, aided by illusionary conjurings, making fighting him difficult.

He is an accomplished brewer, and has several breweries spread across the Realms that specialize in different types of strong drink.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His judgment is often rather impaired, due to his frequent inebriation. His elemental affinities leave him rather weak to lighting magics, and his lack of tough scales means he isn't as durable as most dragons.
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