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» "Auntie" Runa, [] harpy || female
Name: “Auntie” Runa

Age: 200

Gender: Female

Race: Harpy

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Runa has the likeness of a Demoiselle Crane. She has pale grey, dark grey, and white feathers, and long, thin legs. Because she has to keep her heritage hidden beneath a cloak, she usually hunches over to stop her legs being a giveaway. To hide the fact that her hands are scaly like bird feet, she also wears a pair of leather gloves, albeit partially fingerless to allow her claws freedom. She has an aged face, and long, wild, deep grey hair with a long streak of white by either temple. Her eyes are a reddish brown colour, and are often made to look ridiculously big when she wears the bottle-top spectacles she has hanging around her neck by a string.

Personality: Runa is eccentric, sharp tongued, and absolutely scatterbrained. She isn’t at all shy and will say what she wants, when she wants, oblivious to how it may make others feel. It isn’t that she’s inherently nasty, she just often lacks a sense of empathy and lives in her own little world.

Skills/Abilities: Runa is a Seer, and will occasionally have involuntary visions of the future. These visions often come with crippling headaches.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her lack of empathy and her grumpy nature can make her difficult to interact with, and the fact she struggles to always think in a straight line doesn’t help.

History: Runa has always been a travelling merchant, as Harpies often are. Though she started her journey alone, she eventually came across young Ialin, an Avian without a mother or a home. She took him along for a while in an attempt to find him somewhere to stay, but that plan flew out of the window and in her failure, she resigned to simply caring for him herself, taking on the role of an aunt to the boy. As of now, she still travels and sells.

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