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» Borborygmos, [x] dragon || male
Name: Borborygmos

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Hydra Dragon

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Borborygmos is a massive hydra with six heads. Each of the heads is infused with a separate element. The fire head is a bright orange-red, with black horns and spikes. The water head is blue-green, with several pale frills and fins. The air-head is pure white, with a feathery crest. The earth-head is greenish-brown, with several stone-grey bony ridges and horns. The lightning-head is a pale yellow-white, with thin horns and frills. The ice-head is a pale blue, with horns that resemble ice. The rest of his enormous body is covered with rough, stone-grey scales. A row of spikes runs in a ridge down the back of his spine. His long tail ends in a massive, spiked club. He lacks wings. His eyes are all the same amethyst shade.

Personality: Despite his abundance of heads, Borborygmos is highly lacking in intelligence. Driven mainly by instincts, specifically hunger, most complex thoughts are beyond his comprehension. Most creatures he comes across, he tends to view as potential meals, including even creatures who normally hunt dragons. however, if anybody manages to make him understand something, and works out a deal with him, he will uphold his end of the deal.

Skills/Abilities: Through his various heads, he has extreme control over their corresponding elements, and enormous power with each of them, to the point where he can rival even the greatest of mages. His power over those elements allow him to shield himself from them, and his enormous size and thick scales and hide make him enormously resilient to damage. He can often take control of elemental attacks cast his way, and turn them back upon their casters. While he lacks wings, his control over air allows him to fly for limited periods of time. He also never completely sleeps, since one head at least will always be awake and alert. His low intellect also makes him very hard to manipulate or control.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His sheer stupidity can be a big detriment to him. At times, if faced with several overly quick foes, his heads can get in each others' ways, and occasionally collide with one another. he also lacks much by way of finesse with his magic, for all that he possesses great power, meaning he often expends more energy than necessary. His great size requires him to constantly hunt for sustenance.
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