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» Calypso, [x]Yorijian dragon || Female
 Posted: Aug 19 2017, 03:30 PM
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Name: Balithaen (Calypso)

Gender: female

Species: Yorijian dragon; Starwhal family

Rank: Calypso (Yorijian queen)

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Painted in tones of gentle beige, with darker stripes akin to a tiger's pelt. Her scales are rounded and smooth, while her many elegant fins are gently translucent and delicate in appearance. These hold a golden tone that glitters beneath the sun. Her entire body is slender and lengthy, with a serpentine grace to Her movements that draws the eye. Her tail, in particular, is quite long and thin, whiplike- it, like the rest of her body, is adorned with large fins, which nearly resemble a lionfish. Each spine is affixed with a luminescent spot. Her face is snakelike, as well, with a short, broad snout, and large eyes. Their entirety is of violet, with only darker purple to hint at pupil. They seem to glitter in the right lighting, almost as though they are filled with tiny stars. Her ears are long, and drape backwards, while before them is a crown of four lavender-grey horns flecked with gold. On her back, at the juncture of her shoulders, are two appendages that closely resemble wings; these are made of thin membrane, like the rest of her fins, and are not capable of flight. Instead, they serve to propel her through water. She has the long 'feelers' typical of her kind, tipped with tiny golden fins.

Voiceclaim: Eva Green- feminine, with a light, pleasing rasp.

Shapeshift- like all of the Starwhal line, she witholds the ability to change her shape. Though she retains her markings and horns no matter her form.


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 Posted: Aug 19 2017, 06:14 PM
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