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» Varya, [x] dragon || female
Name: Varya

Age: Hatchling

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon (Western)

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Varya is a rather small dragon, covered in pinkish-purple scales, except for her belly, which share the same light blue-green shade as her wing membranes, and the three frills on her head, the small frills on her elbows and ankles, and tail-tip. Her eyes are a bright amber shade.

Personality: The trauma her short life has seen has left her mute, and rather timid. She still has the nearly insatiable curiosity of youth, and is rather perceptive, despite still being rather naive about the world.

Skills/Abilities: She is a quick runner, and her small size allows her to fit through some tight spaces. Her small teeth are quite sharp, and she can deliver a nasty bite if need be. She also has some very rudimentary water magics.

Weaknesses/Flaws: The trauma she has suffered has left her largely unable to effectively communicate with others. She doesn't talk, and she has yet to master mind-speech to the point where she can communicate with words. Her youth also means she is far from an effective fighter.

History: Shortly after she was hatched, Varya's small family was found by members of the Faction of Hope. The dragons fought fiercely, but in the end, the Faction troop's numbers proved to be too much. Only Varya and her mother escaped, though her mother was gravely injured during the fight.

Varya tried to help her mother the best she could, and when her mother grew too weak to look for any of the herbs she needed to treat her injuries, and the illness she was inflicted with, the young dragoness tried her best to gather enough. But, despite her best efforts, her mother succumbed to her wounds and illness.

Unable to comprehend at first what had happened, Varya tried to get her mother to wake up. It was only when more members of the Faction of Hope arrived that Varya, remembering her mother's orders to flee during the last encounter with the Faction, left her mother's side and ran.
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