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» Blair, [x] snakekind, naga || male
Name: Blair

Gender: Male

Species: Snakekind - Naga


user posted image

Blair is long, even for a naga. His serpentine lower half is thick and well-muscled, with a pattern reminiscent of a python’s. His scales are smooth, ranging from light brown to pale yellow in color, while his skin is beige. Above the waist, Blair is built like a swimmer. He appears to be in his early twenties. His face is angular, and sharply pointed ears only accentuate the effect. His hair is pale blond, short, and very fluffy.

Blair’s default expression when around other people is an overly amused smirk. His sclera are black, his irises deep gold, and his pupils are slit like a snake’s. His teeth are sharp and pointed. Around his waist he wears a large dark red sash that successfully hides the transition from scale to skin.

Every so often a pale forked tongue flicks out of his mouth when he’s nervous.

Blair has many abilities linked in some way to his species. He’s able to ‘see’ heat, and his sense of smell/taste is likewise sharp.

He can easily suffocate and crush weaker beings in his coils. His bite is strong, and he can unhinge his jaws.

He’s able to harness his Reiatsu to a fair degree, usually to exert an uncomfortable amount of pressure on others. Beyond that he tends to throw up energy shields. He could probably improve his control with practice.

He’s also a very good bluff.

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