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» Esther Stormwind, [x] weredragon || female
Name: Esther Stormwind

Gender: Female

Species: Were-dragon

Appearance: Human form
dragon form

Personality; Typically a happy, go lucky person with a cheeky prankster side when she's in a good / happy mood. When she's angry enough she can completely switch out, almost Jekyll Hyde kind of situation, she can be consoled and calmed by people she trusts enough or if given time to calm she will.


Either form:
Draconic shift - shift from dragon to human form and human to dragon form. somewhat painfu, can change at will but more likely when angry and at the time of full moon.

Camouflage: Low-tier manipulation of wind to conceal / hide herself can appear mist or smoke-like

Suffers from Rage at times, so has to be very careful with her anger especially around the full moon cycle.

Draconic form:

Flight: Short periods of flight just better than a glide, her lighter bone structure and manipulation of air / wind enables brief spurts of flight.

Human form:
Voice: Light and typically cheerful, until she's angry enough then becomes grumbling and growling in nature

Weredragon allure: Her general appearance, and typically light-hearted nature make her an easily like-able person.

Side-note: The fact that that can switch out for a darker side, that not many will see unless she is angered or turned darker for instance by something or someone.
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