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 "Ronaldo", [x] N'vaen - Death Clan || Male
Name: "Ronaldo" aka Ronobael

Gender: Male

Species: N'vaen - appears as a male pure elf or human as he sees fit.

Appearance: This N'vaen takes the appearance of a classy gentleman, and obviously cares much for his appearance, unlike his master. Standing at an unassuming 5'8", the seemingly effeminate and frail frame hides Icarath's right-hand man, often sent to handle matters with both deft tongue and deft blade. Often garbed in an open violet vest with a white, long-sleeved button up shirt. Wears his silver hair in a tiny ponytail. A little black bowtie adorns his neck, just to complete the butler look.

Oftentimes, most do not see his actual eyes - he is constantly smiling - so much that his cheeks close his eyes. If he does express anger or sorrow, it is not with his face.

Shifting Umbrella: Ronaldo often carries a non-descript although very well-made umbrella. Unbeknownst to those unfamiliar with him, the umbrella IS his weapon. It can expand and harden the canopy to form a solid barrier - or an even more focused nigh-impenetrable shield when it is condensed into parasol size. When it is condensed, the ferrule at the end can expand and extend to become a spear tip, and the canopy can form into a self-spinning drill-shape, creating a massive drill lance- weapon. Lastly, it serves as a device for flight along with Ronaldo's wind magic.

Nimble: Ronaldo's battle style employs a nigh-divine grace, and to watch Ronaldo in action is a performance in of itself

Butler's Toxin: Ronaldo's weapons can be coated with venom. A favorite tactic of his is to land a grazing blow and let the opponent think they have escaped. The venom tends to slow an opponent gradually and subtlely - after they are sufficiently weakened, Ronaldo shows up for the decisive blow.

Dark/Weather (bits of air+water+ice+lightning) Magic: Ronaldo's elements of choice are those which stack the odds in his favor rather than any brute force spell, which he deems as an 'unrefined' method of killing. He often uses these spells in order to create illusions (such as cloaking an area of darkness, making sneak attacks easier) or create advantageous situations (freezing blizzards, blasting gales, blinding flashes of lightning...)

Tri'akun: If Ronaldo is pushed hard enough, he becomes his...odd Tri'akun form. Ronaldo's tri'akun is less straight up intimidating, as he assumes the form of a "kasa-obake" - essentially an umbrella that has become obsessed. He merges with the umbrella weapon he holds and is consumed by the canopy - a singula eye attached by a tendril flails from the tip as the creature starts to levitate. Ronaldo's canopy area is nigh-impervious, and is only able to be damaged by the most fierce of attacks. However, while the cord is covered with the same material as the canopy, the eye itself is vulnerable to being harmed quite easily. When the cord retracts the eye into the canopy, Ronaldo is invulnerable but cannot act, and is effectively blind.

Underneath the canopy are a countless amount of phantom tendrils that attempt to grab and drag a victim underneath the canopy. Few have seen underneath the umbrella and lived to tell the tale...

In this form, his magical abilities are also increased, and he can call down acid rain, ginormous chunks of ice, and obliterating lightning strikes.

Given enough time, he regenerates his normal form from underneath the canopy, popping back out and resuming normal operations. However, this process takes a day of no interruption.

Frail: Ronaldo has to be nimble and deft with tongue for one simple reason: He is much frailer than other N'vaen demons of a similar level. The less hits he takes, the better he'll be.

Cowardly: Running off the above, a solid hit will often make him retreat, rather than risk serious injury or utilizing Tri'akun (which he loathes to do).

Arrogant: While he will play humble in order to raise his chances of success, Ronaldo is quite arrogant, and his pride is not above being played. He is not above "playing" with his prey, even on errands given to him by Icarath, much to his master's dismay.

Ronaldo is the right-hand man of Icarath, and acts as his personal diplomat, often speaking on behalf of the misanthropic, antisocial, and ill-mannered Icarath. Gifted with a silver tongue and handsomeness befitting most princes, Ronaldo is the epitome of both gentleman and butler. However, he is a N'vaen nontheless, and although he is not the most powerful of N'Vaen, he is strong enough to do the duty of a butler, and 'tidies up' when necessary. His duties often involve diplomacy, and sometimes assassination if Icarath is not pleased with the results of a meeting.

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