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 Hoji, [x] demon/goblin || male
Name: Hoji

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Goblin/Demon; N'vaen

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Hoji looks much like a typical goblin, with green-grey skin, large ears, sharp teeth and claws, and a long, thick tail. However, his blood-red eyes lack any visible pupil or sclera, and gleam with a fierce, cunning intellect. He tends to wear dark, plain but well-made clothing.

Personality: Hoji possesses a keen intellect and a quirky sense of humor. He is prone to letting people mistake him for a simple goblin, then surprising them by revealing how smart he actually is. However, he has a bit of a soft spot for others who may be judged by their appearance or species, and is quite loyal to the rest of his family.

Skills/Abilities: He possesses far greater strength and speed than any goblin, and is capable of striking with enough force to drive his hand through plate armor. His agility is likewise greatly enhanced, and his small size allows him to nimbly dodge most attacks with ease. He is highly skilled with lightning magics, and can use it for both attack and defense. His small size and agility allow him to be quite stealthy, and he can see in even near-total darkness. In recent decades, he has taken to extensive study of alchemy and poisons.

Weaknesses/Flaws: For all his great strength and speed, he isn't built to be able to take much physical punishment. Bright lights are hard on his eyes, and make it hard for him to see clearly in full sunlight.

History: The first of the hybrids fathered by Vortigern, Hoji was an experiment from the start. When he displayed far greater intelligence than other goblins, he was taken into his father's house and treated as a full-blooded demon son would've been.

Over time, he was trained in magic, and taught to be a spy and messenger for his father, often venturing into places where a goblin would be easily overlooked. He has also, on some occasions, acted as an assassin, posing as a mere goblin before striking.

Now, in recent years, he has taken to spying on the Faction and snakekind, often overlooked or viewed with disdain as a nuisance, while gathering valuable information.
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