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» Nikkolai Hellsinger, [x] weredragon hybrid || male
Name: Nikkolai Hellsinger

Gender: male

Species: weredragon-human hybrid

Appearance: user posted image

user posted image black dragon form by Adalfyre


Either form:
Draconic shift - shift from dragon to human form and human to dragon form. somewhat painful

Camouflage: low tier camouflage that only lasts twenty seconds, give or take, enough to find a place to hide or sneak up on someone but otherwise a useless ability.

Shadowflame: a powerful, but short burst of pretty colored flame, although the violet color is beautiful, the effects are anything but lovely. burns equally hot as a hellish blaze, but to sustain even a 10 second bout of the fire requires tremendous energy. This generally leaves the wielder bedridden for a day or two. The energy fed upon to sustain this burning shadow is an equal combination of both physical and mental energies.

Draconic form:
Jaw Power: A bite force to rival a white shark and equally sharp teeth

Glide: whether full blooded weredragons can actually fly or not does not apply to him, being a hybrid. that being said he can glide a decent distance in draconic form

Human form:
hellish growl: an angelic voice he has not, a demonic voice when angry, that is what he has. A growl so demonic and seemingly terrifying he's, supposedly, confused a hellhound and kept it at bay, so he says whether that rings true or not, you'll have to anger him enough to use the Growl and find out. though when not angry his voice is deep, soft and easy on the ears

weredragon allure: something he got aside the voice from his weredragon heritage is his amazingly good looks and powerful looking body. Needless to say most women adore him for his looks.
user posted image
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