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 Anor, [x] equus || male
Name: Anor

Age: Elder

Gender: Male

Race: Equus

Alignment: Neutral-Dark

Appearance: A massive, blood-red equine with a wild, unkempt mane and tail, standing eighteen hands at his shoulder. His eyes are a gleaming yellow, from iris to sclera, with slitted pupils. Unlike normal equines, his mouth sports a number of large, sharp fangs, set in powerful jaws. His hooves, instead of presenting the unbroken curve of typical equines, are split into three-pronged claws capable of inflicting horrific injuries.

Personality: Fierce and aggressive, Anor is slow to trust, and slower still to give his allegiance. However, once he does, his loyalty is unwavering. However, if this loyalty is ever betrayed, he will stop at nothing to exact a brutal, bloody vengeance upon his betrayer. This extends to those who might betray anybody he holds dear. Often blunt and direct, he tends to say what he thinks without regard to personal feelings.

Skills/Abilities: Carnivorous as he is, he must hunt for his food instead of grazing. To this end, his senses are highly developed, granting him keen eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell. His great size, speed, and strength allows him to run down and kill his prey, including carnivores who might otherwise view equus as prey. For limited periods of tie, he can survive on blood alone, allowing him to travel quickly.

He is skilled with both light and fire magics, and can use a unique form of healing, particularly of poisons and illnesses, where he draws out the infected blood and consumes it, purifying it in the process. He can likewise purify his own blood of any poisons or toxins. If needed, he can use blood to boost his physical abilities for limited amounts of time, often allowing him to overwhelm foes who have managed to wound him in a sudden berserk assault.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Since he is highly carnivorous, he must hunt and kill to eat, which can make other equus wary of him. His clawed and fanged appearance likewise makes him look intimidating to most, and his blunt, fierce demeanor can be off-putting. His magical abilities are rather draining, and any significant usage will leave him needing to feed extensively to replenish his energy.

History: For a long time, Anor was an accepted, even valued member of a herd of equus, living in the northern wilds of Felnova. While they managed to avoid the widespread wars and disasters that had plagued the Realm in recent years, they were unable to escape Scylla's wrath. As a terrible blizzard blanketed their home, the herd began to starve as food became more and more scarce, and the cold began to claim the weaker members.

In the end, only Anor and his four daughters, who had inherited his carnivorous dietary needs, managed to survive, feeding off the bodies of the dead, including, at the last, Anor's own mate. With the rest of the herd all dead, the five equus set off to find a new home, shortly before Scylla's wrath calmed.

After a long period of time spent wandering, they found a herd willing to take them in, and began to settle in.
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